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At a wedding suddenly feel a huge

At a wedding suddenly feel a huge pimple on my face. I start looking for a less active bathroom and find one down some stairs. I go in thinking I'm the only one in there. I all of a sudden have to pee so I fin a stall. That's when I hear someone else in the bathroom. A man and is in there waiting on his girlfriend who is also in there. There are mirrors everywhere all of a sudden. I can see her she can see me. I'm sitting on the toilet but she can only see my face. She wishes me well then they leave. I finish on the toilet and get up to examine my face. This thing is huge and all I have to do is stretch the skin to make pus stream out. I see some kind of face clay stuff to my right and want to use it but it belongs to someone who knows how to run the machine and use it. A cleaning person tells ms she will be in in the morning and I can schedule an appointment.

dreamt i was popping pimples on ex

dreamt i was popping pimples on ex husbands face we had an awful marriage and divorce he is a narcissist i dream about him most nights dear your subconscious self is tugging at to urging you to reclaim what you personally lost in the relationship the pimples are representative of something intangible and they are on his face because in your mind he holds the key to them the reason you are popping the pimples is because you are trying to reclaim something when we lose a relationship we often lose a part of ourselves along with it perhaps that part of us is too closely associated with the relationship at the time and it was too hard to hold onto at the time of the breakup you are finally acknowledging the void the relationship has left for you when you cast off some of your traits these things are not something owned by your ex but perhaps some positive personality trait important activity or personal ambition that you threw away when you left the relationship


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