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I was in a hotel with this

I was in a hotel with this group of people I know from school. We were then told to shower and a girl I know called using my shower. We then raced to my hotel room. I got there first and went to my bed. She then came in and called me an idot and ran into my bathroom. I ran there at the same time and we smushed together at the door. I then turned on the shower and turned around to find the girl naked. I stared at her undeveloped breasts and talked with her for a few seconds then walked out of the bathroom. ON my way out I turned around and saw her butt. She saw me see her butt and said you can look at my butt. I then walked out. Her friend ran into the bathroom and started showering with her. I then went and sat on my bed. I looked in the bathroom door once to see if I could see what was going on. I then left the room and was suddenly in fancy clothing. Later in the dream I saw them both in fancy red sparkly dresses and as I passed them they smiled at me and when they passed me they giggled.

I have two dreams that I had

I have two dreams that I had last night. First: I was mountain climbing with a friend but that friend was me. As in there were two me's. Anyway, the 2nd me fell off the mountain. I raced down to the bottom and mountain rescue where already attending. They were looking at me and looking at the other me and saying that I was dead. I kept saying that I'm not dead as I am here in front of you talking to you. I got the feeling that I needed to rejoin with the dead me but in doing so I would die. Second: I dreamt that my wife had been offered a job that would take her around the world. Most places would be dangerous and she would have a security team. I asked the recruiter if I would be able to go as armed security for her and he said no problem. I just had to pass the gun exam.

I'm in an unknown town/city and I'm

I'm in an unknown town/city and I'm alone I can't find my way home so I ask for help and someone helps me saying we gotta go through different areas the first area is a park I'm familiar with and there's some lads messing about on motorbikes but 1 lad has a blue racing bicycle which I comment 'nice bike's then we cross a road and pass some lads in their cars 'boy racers' but I'm told keep head down and mouth shut so I do then come to dead end and have to go through a house but when I go in house I have to empty my pockets then I'm leaving house going down some stairs and a girl is putting my stuff on each step in front of me so I put items back in my pockets then my "guide" takes me to train station and cross the tracks to opposite platform where I get on train that takes me through crazy long tunnel and then turns around and goes back through tunnel and then I woke up

I was in a dark forest at

I was in a dark forest at night, and there was a big lake. In the lake was a dragon. No one else knew about it but it trusted me and came out of the water to see me and I fed it. A man in a car showed up and demanded to see the dragon but I insisted that it didn't exist, and the dragon hid. Finally the man left and I watched him drive away, and the dragon came out to see me. I climbed on its back and we raced through the forest. By the time we found a clearing it was light out. There were people and little buildings and a house that had mechanical doors, twisting gears connected to wood. I went inside to find a man, an old inventor that I somehow knew. The dragon knew him too but he stayed outside, the hallways being too small for a dragon to fit through. The inventor emerged with my aunt, who I was surprised to see, but he reassured me that he only created her to look like my aunt because he fell in love with her. I wanted him to help me keep the dragon safe out in the woods because people were starting to catch on that he lived near the lake. He agreed, and it felt like the start of an adventure.