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This morning I Dreamt I was shopping

This morning I Dreamt I was shopping at a Christmas fair I was minding a baby boy and I had a gairl with me too she was about 12year old I didn’t know them anyway the girl to the little boy outside the hall then I was shaken up with and almighty bang, I stop shopping and rushed out said my haert was racing are the children all right, outside the children were all wright the baby boy was in his pram and the 12 year old girl was by him a woman was on her knees in the middle of the road and a car had crashed into a St Marys church and it was wedged into the church so it was unsay but we were all ok.

a clothing store with extravagant clothing. there

a clothing store with extravagant clothing. there with an old acquaintance, who's fashion i've always admired. she finds a nice pleated beige skirt, one of which ive longed for- and swore she already had one like it, and claims it will be suitable for traveling, i am a bit jealous. i continue up the stairs, deviating from the rest of the group, the establishment much like i a funhouse, a green staircase, red, burgundy... i find my acquaintance once more, shopping around, and i curiously follow, she whips out a hair dryer in which looks like a gun, i am amazed and suddenly find myself on the couch, making out with and touching get intimately, she puts the hair dyer fun in my mouth and the hot air burns and chaps my lips, she exclaims something about dirt, and suddenly i realize that behind a door at a large group of paparazzi, who have been unbeknownst to be filming our steamy rendezvous, we both quickly recoil and sprint away abashedly, guiltily.. as they scream we're LIVE!! this is LIVE footage!! i cringe with disgust, hoping this won't be plastered all over the internet in the next coming hours.. i travel back down the stairs to find a midway red staircase, which is disjointed from the rest of the stairs, as if it appeared magically.