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I was in Disneyland with my aunt,parents,and

I was in Disneyland with my aunt,parents,and little sister. We went in this discovery cave and I found a purple glassy rock. I was showing everyone and they gave it back and were leaving. I saw a shadowy smokefigure fly by quickly. So, I ran t catch up and I started feeling sick and when we were done I had bloody marks on my wrist and arms. So, I showed them and my aunt said the rock was from the Egyptian days. We were leaving down the stairs and my chest felt heavy and it was hard to walk. We decided to go to the hotel and I started panting then I had a black silky dress on and I grabbed a scarf that was violet and had a new voice saying something about Cleopatra and we were going to the emergency place and this fortune teller wouldst read my future no matter how much I asked and I was really out of breath than I woke up sweaty.

I'm hungry so I walk to get

I'm hungry so I walk to get fast food. When there I get stopped by a crooked cop and his associates. They think I'm their dealer. I get roped into going to get food with them. we do drugs/pot. The cop passes out and his friends want food to. So they decide to stop at some mutual redneck guys house. I order Nepalese food with the cops credit card. End up ordering for an entire household, but not for my self. Every time I try and find the menu its not it. There was a porn mag, a stylised clipboard and a racist joke made to look like menus. We end up waiting for ever for the food. The cop wakes up a leaves several times to smoke pot with his friends. The supposed food comes but the lady drops off a llama, its trainer and thanks me for my big heart. Then we wait some more and I start getting greeted by random circus/carny people that think I'm their new boss and we never got food.

My ex boyfriend's best friend sent me

My ex boyfriend's best friend sent me a text about college and then I stood up and went to my sister's room and smoke a cigarett. Next I was in some game where I had to match the size of ice and it was dark. When I won, me and my two friends were chased by tongues and we had to jump off a ship to get to a boat. Another boat was coming my way so I ended up choking a little. I asked a guy who saved us to paint me because he is an artist and I got to an island. I climbed to the gate, which i opened and i saw a garden of vegetables. I started walking toward the other side and all the people were staring at me. next i was in a house and i exited to see a large amount of cats. I started searching for my rabbit and found a white one, and then mine. my rabbit killed a cat.

My name is Jaysen I have had

My name is Jaysen I have had a recurring dream since I was 6 years old Iam now 36 and still to this day have this same dream that go's a little deeper each time but all ways starts off the same way here go's It starts off I am in a long narrow boat I'am in the middle wearing a dark cloak as well as the figure in front of me as well from behind me its very dark i cant tell were the sky starts and were the water ends its all the same there is a lot of smoke and fire all around me and there are buildings half submerged in the water. we pull up to lad and all 3 of us are out we head to a building with giant Roman Pillar's this building is all so surround by fire in the water the entrance way is open with several stairs leading down to a landing and more stairs then I wake up every time. sweating in a wet bed from my head up and every time I have a low pitch reigning in my ear that slowly fades out. this reining also happens in the day time when I am am working or just driving or sitting around the house and has bin going on since the time of the dreams started.

I was in the passenger seat of

I was in the passenger seat of a truck with my mom driving, she was taking me to school, just a couple miles down the road we get ready to cross over the interpass meanwhile a black dodge dart turns right in front of us my mom try's to slam on the brakes but it was too late. next thing i know we are rolling over and over again until all i hear is screaming and all i see if smoke