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I was in a barn on country

I was in a barn on country property and it was dusk. In the barn was a grey cat sitting in the middlle and surrounded by other animals like mice birds.suddendly looking around i saw seven golden and brown snakes wiggling just under surface of the ground heading towards the cat and it suddenly struck and wi ded itself around the cat but I tapped the snake lightly and said leave the cat alone. The snake stopped and chased the other animals in the barn. More snakes appeared and killing off the animals. They all stopped and looked at me and disappeared.But it didn’t scare and the cat survived

i was laying on a couch and

i was laying on a couch and across from me on another couch was a black snake. it looked at me but never bothered me as i went to sleep in peace not worrying if the snake would bother me or not .. it didnt move until i woke up. once i woke up it slithered off the couch and up the steps.. i then called for my mom to come and get it. it then followed me everywhere in our old home where we use to live. i dont think i ever felt afraid for my life in the dream because it follow me but it never lashed out as if it was about to attack me but made me uneasy because i was afraid of snakes. i then got it to follow me in the basement once in the basement i ran up the steps and closed the door and communicated with it by only sticking my head through the door with the rest of my body behind the door. i asked it its name it answered saying its name which began with an A. i then noticed it turned into a man yet not a man im attracted too. i then began to fanatasized about the man and i sexually.

I dreamt about a couple finding three

I dreamt about a couple finding three children and bringing them back to their home. The home was huge, but mostly falling apart. The dream took place mostly in the sun room, kitchen, and outside of the house. There was garbage everywhere. Lots of piles of gross garbage. There were also animals of all shapes and sizes. Lots of dogs, cats, snakes, and one very large bird. The couple were mentally unhinged and already had three children of their own. They abused the children and treated them poorly. The father was sexually interested in his oldest daughter Emily, but could not have her. He murdered her and buried her body in a shallow grave in the landfill across the street from the house. The remaining children sneak out and find their sister's body. They resolve to run away. The come to what looks like another abandoned house, but this one is clean and functions like an orphanage.