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I was in your classroom and I

I was in your classroom and I was finishing a test. The next hour class started to come in. I went 5 minutes pass the second bell. I asked for a pass to my next class and you told me not until I am done teaching this class. I thought oh crap. My next hour teacher is going to think I am skipping. I ran over to Ruder’s room to ask him for a pass but he was super busy and his room was chaotic. I then sat in the pod nervously to wait for you to come out and give me a pass. A half an hour into that hour you came out. I thought thank God I can go to my next class now. But instead of you giving me a pass you started talking with me about life. I liked the conversation but I was stressing out!!!! The end.

I was in a competition about beauty

I was in a competition about beauty and talent and i won then the guy who picked me had black short hair and a beard with beautiful eyes and face then he told me to sleep that we have a big week ahead of us so i lay down and he told me he didnt pick me for no reason i am beautiful and talented and i fell in love with you on the minute i saw you then i ask if i can visit my cousin he came to support me in all of this and he said sure so i went and my cousin was upset and i kept asking him why and he wont tell me we were running around downtown where people noticed me on tv and stopped me and said why am i not with the guy and i caught up to him and he said i dont need a contest to clarify the things i already am.