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Me and my ex boyfriend were sitting

Me and my ex boyfriend were sitting on my bed it was a bunk bed, I had hidden his bank details because I'd stolen money from him. He was texting but hiding his phone. Then we ran 10k race

He took me to go see a

He took me to go see a movie. We originally went with a group, I knew he would be there so I dressed super cute. Then when we got there nobody else showed up but him and I. It was a date. So we went and saw the movie. At first he slid his hand on top of mine. He then put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. My head laying on his shoulder. I felt warm and happy. At one point he pulled his arm off. I looked up at him. He put his hand on my cheek and pulled me in. We kissed. We continued to kiss. We made out in the back of the theater. Then the movie ended. He grabbed my hand and lead me outside. He drove me home. When we got there he walked he to the door. He kissed me one last time before I went inside. I received a text saying that he had a great time. I was never happier.

The story shows of me and a

The story shows of me and a tall and tough man. We are interns at a classroom. And apparently, he does erotic moves on me, he spanks me, calls me his own, and says to always talk to him. The dream shows how upset I am, crying and asking him to please stop. He stops and just sleeps beside me and takes care of me. I go to the hospital lobby and entrance, where my grandma has checked out. I have no idea what she has come down with. I don't tell him until I go to the lobby again, this time, with my sisters, my grandma, and my parents. He sends me an angry text saying where am I. But I ignore him, because of how worked up I am.

Bible, evil, peace, rumors, hate, jealousy, music,

Bible, evil, peace, rumors, hate, jealousy, music, beard, hair, fake, ex boyfriend, outer space, vehicle, enemies, sexual, technology, future, planets, books, fighting old enemy, spirits, happy, text messaging, people disappeared, older, laughing, commercial, escaping, computer, ridiculed, karma, isolated, crustaceans, hole, big butt, unread messages,

In my dream from what i remember

In my dream from what i remember i was in a house with a girl, we weren't suppose to be in this house at this time and we were climbing up ladders to get to higher levels of the house, we eventually got to what im guessing was the attic or top floor where this thermal camera caught my attention, it was just lying in an open case. i picked it up tested it out and put it in my back and went to leave, i don't exactly remember leaving the house but i had a text message off an old friend i don't really speak to anymore saying something like " in not going to slate you but did you steal this thing from me" so in the dream he knew it was me, the dream changed after that and i was in a house with everyone i see on the regular, it just seemed we were on holiday or something and the guy accusing me of stealing in the dream was there too but made no contact with me as every time i saw him he was ether leaving or walking into a room

I had lung cancer and was about

I had lung cancer and was about to be euthanized, but decided on the last minute to get out of it. I was alone in the situation, i was very acares and crying uncontrollably. I texted this guy i like that i needed help but he rejected me.

In my dream my mom complained of

In my dream my mom complained of hearing creepy sounds at 5:00 every morning from my brothers alarm clock and when she asked him about he said he didn't know how to make it stop. So I woke up early so I could hear it and It sounded like we were picking up someones walkie talkie signal. It started out as static then a baby giggling, that lasted for like 30 seconds then it went back to static. after the static was over you her crashing and falling and finally one loud crash and a woman scream then back to static. Then static seemed to go on really long, but then it pick up a low buzzing sounding voice, It was definitely a man. He was speaking very fast and it wasn't English, it sounded German to me. He abruptly stopped talking and it was silent, no static or anything. That was the end of the sounds that played every morning at 5:00 on the dot. So later that day I decided to search the web, to see if I could find anything similar and I came across a video. I clicked on it and it started put as static then a distorted video of a giggling baby began to play then it went back to static, then an old style cartoon began to play all of this was in black and white by the way anyway this woman in the was being push down and into things by other people and she slammed into a trash can of sorts and screamed, through out this whole cartoon segment there was text across the top which I assume was German writing but I'm not for sure. Her scream was cut off by more static, a long period of static. Then the screen went completely black and the deep German speaking began, he was speaking just as fast and after awhile he stopped abruptly and the screen stayed black and one word popped up in the center of the blackness I believe was a German word but I can't remember what it said or what the character in it looked like. But after the end of the video I woke up and the creepy voice has been stuck in my head all day.