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I had a dream the other night

I had a dream the other night that both my bridal shower and my wedding were happening on the same day! I was wearing my wedding gown at the wedding shower. My hairdresser was at the bridal shower putting my hair up in curlers to get me ready to walk down the aisle later that day. My guests were arriving at the bridal shower with gifts that were unwrapped, and cards that were unsigned. I remember being upset and confused about that and complaining to my mom that everyone was showering us with the unwrapped gifts and unsigned cards. I was so upset I started wrapping the guests' unwrapped gifts!!! I woke up relieved as I realized in real life I was already married, and I was thankful that in reality everything during the bridal shower and wedding went very smoothly! I think back on this dream and have been laughing myself silly!!!

I dreamt of a runing tap water

I dreamt of a runing tap water in a position that it did not exist physicaly.i was one of the first to see it and it was said that after that day that it is not going to run again for a while,so i rushed in and collected all my containers which was empty and was contemplating on taking my sister's own along when suddenly i felt weak and decided to sleep for a while before going to fetch. Deep inside me,I was contemplating on whether to go or not. Just then,my sister called me and was complaining bitterly that she was tired of things around her.i got my self then and hurried to go and fetch the water,then i woke up.

I dreamed that it was snowing and

I dreamed that it was snowing and cold, and that I was supposed to go to this place that I lived for a while earlier this year (an emergency shelter for youth) but instead of going I decided to go to my ex-boyfriend's house. We had still been dating while I had been living there in real life, and he lived very close by. I used to look out my window and wish I was with him. Anyway, I walked up to his front door, and he opened it before I even knocked or rang a bell. He was standing there with a girl - his new girlfriend, and she was nice and pretty. I was very polite and just said I had no where else to go (I knew I was lying), and he said I could come inside and go read some Vonnegut (I have a Vonnegut book that he gave me, but I had also been talking about those books earlier that day) at his kitchen table. Anyway, I thought his dog had died but he said the dog was still alive. I sat down in the doorway and the dog hopped onto my lap and licked me and I petted the dog. I could tell my ex was smiling at me, happy to see me smiling. I went inside and sat at the table and started reading the books. I could tell his father was in the living room watching TV but I couldn't see him and I didn't go and say hello. The books were very strange. I started reading them all but then I settled on one, and in it it was like a video game. People were in these tunnels and to get out you had to find which people were telling the truth so that you could find the surface. I finally did and came to the top.

The first dream I was in a

The first dream I was in a desert like setting and it began to rain. I ran into a strip mall area to take shelter from the rain. I walked right into a restaurant that served pasta and other food. Only a few tables were full and it had a gloomy feel to it. Yet the food was amazing and the service was just as great. Last night, I was in that restaurant again. Only it was more colorful. I saw a beautiful display of baked goods that were freshly made that day. I was led to my table by a man with silver hair and a tan. Later a woman with shoulder length blond hair embraced me and kissed me on the cheek. She thanked me for believing in her. The man's name was Samy and the woman's name was Amy. I have a good idea where the restaurant is located and what the name of it is. I am still looking over the details. I feel like there should be a meaning somewhere. If you have any insight about this let me know.