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Dreamed about my family one that I

Dreamed about my family one that I do not have yet one that I want and just got my child so adoption and it was raining at our house when I open the door The child ran outside and so did the dog we called out to him because we didn't want him getting wet or running off and as we start to go down the steps all white albino alligator comes out of the water and grabs our child on its head and started to drag him away as I go to scream for help or screening my child someone help no sound comes from my voice my partner only says that's a very unusual sight and I just keep running towards the alligator but then I wake up

In this dream, I am walking through

In this dream, I am walking through Thief River, going to all the places I most like. It’s like I’m never going there again because someone I know personally, just a random friend each time, is sad, saying “Good bye, come back and visit TRF someday again.” Then after I’ve visited all my favorite places, the setting suddenly changes and I’m in Kentucky with my family. No one there but my family knows me, and I keep getting hateful glares wherever I go. No matter what I do not a single person likes me, and soon my family gets upset with me too, and just when I feel like I’m the reason for all of this happening- I wake up.