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Ronald Mcondald was outside walking, and then

Ronald Mcondald was outside walking, and then cracked his head at me. I was looking through my bedroom window, and then got teleported outside.I could feel the ground and the wind, and the clown started chasing me. It felt so real, and then I was teleported back into my bedroom. I didn’t move, nor breathe, but I could hear breathing behind me. I turned to see the clown, smiling at me. He looked at me as some creepy music started playing, and his eyes went from normal to white, and then pushes me underneath my bed. It all got silent. It started again, only this time I heard footsteps, and then the clown out one hand down, then the next, and cracked his head toward me.” Try again buddy.” Then it felt it I fell, and woke up screaming. This has happened for 2 nights, the exact same thing.

I was walking with the President of

I was walking with the President of my current country like we are safeguarding him on our way he ask me to kneel down and l did then he prayed for me but l never had his words during prayer

In my dream I was in a

In my dream I was in a hotel walking through stair case there I found cinema Hera Vijay, I wanted to take picture with him but I kept my phone in room, so I asked him to take photo with his phone, he asked where is mine, I said then he said go and take and come I will wait, so I went to search my phone, I was trying to open wrong room number, I forgot my room, then my daughter came opposite then I said everything to her, vijay is standing there to take pic with us, so find our room and bring our phone, she went inside a door then she didnt come back, that door led to another stair case. She got losed, then I went to vijay that my daughter got lost

I was staring at Noah whilst he

I was staring at Noah whilst he was eating Jelly which made him come over and gives it to me. Deb had a horse and she was taking kids from my school to see it. Then Noah took me in his car drove around and came back. He then went to Dominos for a shift then Mrs Sutton got mad at me because I was emailing Noah. I was eating fruits and she was talking with me as people were walking past.

It was a rainy day and my

It was a rainy day and my wife and I saw my mother in law walking on the sidewalk with her grocery cart, my wife saw her and told me to pull over and I did. As my mother in law was about to get in the car she noticed a pack of tortillas in the middle of the road so she went over with her cart to pick them up. She picked them up and brought them to me, she then went back to get her cart and her shoe fell off, at this time she was in the middle of the intersection trying to put her shoe back on when a black SUV ran her over. My wife and I got out of the car, I approached the driver and told him not to move then I crouched down and tried to pick up the vehicle but I couldn’t then I bent down and asked my mother in law if she could breathe and she said yes I then remembered I had a floor jack in the trunk of my car and went to retrieve it but I woke up.