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My family and I riding on a

My family and I riding on a bus and gets pulled over by cop. Freaking out cause we don't want any trouble. Stand on the side of a road in a big city. Gypsies come out of a building speaking little English. They point at my dress and hair and say they like it. I point at a gypsies hair of dreads and say I like them and show her my dreads. I have beads on my dreads. I turn around and no one is there but a couple of other people from the bus and I'm holding a much younger version of my daughter. I look at the side of a trash can, and see Seoul city and that's where I am. Go across the street with the other people from bus and see and alley we can cut through. We see a man with half a blue face digging through trash and try to find our way out since he's about to attack us. Go to run and get lost between 100 story buildings and now I am in a maze of 1 room apartments with dangerous people. Find a room with a window and I step on a squeaky toy and a guy comes to hurt me and my daughter. Another man shows up and tazes him so I push my daughter out the window then myself, jump a fence and am in green patures.

I dreamed that my 62 year old

I dreamed that my 62 year old husband, talked me into, letting a young girl and her son live with us. we had a pet cow. And I always fell asleep in our recliner, so the young girl, started to sleep in my bed with my husband. I keep yelling at her to leave, and she, would look at me really sad. So I left in a big car Chevrolet Tahoe with the cow in the car. I got out because I forgot something. and the Tahoe car rolled down the buff, with the cow in it and car rolled over. End of my dream


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