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I dreamt I was in my bedroom

I dreamt I was in my bedroom at night with the blinds open, allowing me to see silhouettes of trees outside the window. I holding hands with a man with unusually large, cold hands. He has black, curly hair and I couldn't get a clear view of his face. I wasn't afraid of him, I felt calm. He leaned his head on my shoulder and I could tell he whispered something to me but I didn't know what he said.I couldn't hear anything in my dream.

I dreamed that I was talking to

I dreamed that I was talking to a demon called papa legpa but I felt comfortable talking to him, he was white scaly flesh, he had a black cane and a black top hat, he told me not to be afraid of him as he just wanted to talk about something, he told me to let him in but I woke up before I had a chance to ask him any questions

I was at home and I wanted

I was at home and I wanted to make sure everything was secure so I started checking to make sure the doors were locked and I noticed the back door was open and I felt a breeze coming through the door. I became afraid and tried to close the door but I couldn't. the wind coming from outside the door was preventing me from closing the door. I tried to attach the lock on the door it was like a button and would not fasten because the wind kept pushing it open. the wind was very strong I became afraid of something trying to get inside. my youngest sister Tan was sleeping in the bedroom and I tried to scream for her to help me but I could not get the words out so I beat on the wall where she was sleeping to wake her and she got up. I held open the door and felt something in the air it was like a fold in the wind and it made me afraid so I asked my sister to feel it too. we both tried to shut the door.

I dreamt I was in.a.house with my

I dreamt I was in.a.house with my ex husband we had lodgers one was a well dressed black man I was afraid of him he was a bad person he didn't pay rent and was proud that he ha on up on me your lodged a bullied me I was angry my husband did nothing about it and seemed to be against anything I did or said .another lodger resembled an old friend but she was much thinner I stop up to her and she at a ked me making a small nick on my neck I said I would call th police she laughed a th do in was too small for evidence .was.enraged an took it out on a young couple that couldn't afford the rent and three them out. My husband persuaded th young man to take on a false name and illegal work .I worried about him a he was so easily or I regretted my anger being directed at th young couple th black man seems go be around fainting m about everything a I could do nothing to stop him .

I dreamt a white sheep in my

I dreamt a white sheep in my apartment which I was afraid of. I tried to open the door to let the sheep out but the door was tied with feathers. When I eventually got the door untied I woke up.

Was sitting in my apartment and a

Was sitting in my apartment and a black panther kept coming in from under the door. Was afraid it was going to hurt my dog. It just stared and was curious but also nice.

I've been having it very often and

I've been having it very often and I'm afraid of what it means. It's like a HUGE square building and the walls are blue and gray. On the ground around you there are walls separating it into a maze. The walls are also rooms with big glass windows where you can look through and I usually saw like police stuff. It starts out my friend and I start going through the maze then she starts pulling me by the hand telling me to walk faster. Sometimes we stop at a table. This time we did. We both stopped at a table and was talking to each other and apparently I got a little to loud and this great intercom came on and yelled "THEY ARE TAKING A TEST!!! DO YOU WANT ME TO COME FIND YOU?? HMM" then I woke up because it scared me

The dream starts out in a little

The dream starts out in a little farm house. It’s in the middle of nowhere. In the living room, we are having a service. The lady who is singing looks like Tessa Greene. She goes into the bathroom for a few minutes, and when she comes out, she doesn’t sing for anyone except the man who is over this retreat center. I thought it was weird. She didn’t look any different, but her actions and everything were different. Taresia Ellis is on the phone with me and says she wants the lady who looks like Sister Greene to sing for her service. I said, “You’ll have to call her to be sure she’s available.” Taresia keeps saying she wants her to sing, and I keep saying she would have to call her to be sure she’s available. I can see Sister Greene at this point, and she doesn’t look like herself. We go outside, and it’s a beautiful day. It’s sunny and warm but not too hot. There is a tree in the side yard. It is a mature tree, so it has some nice shade to it. All of a sudden I see something flying over the house. It’s shooting out arrows. They are shaped like two triangles one inside the other. They are sharp arrows meant to kill. They are after me. I ran on the other side of the tree away from the house. I lay down on the ground in a prostrate position in order to try to fool the drones in to thinking I’m dead. They put down these arrows all in front of me. they almost hit my left hand, but I moved it to quickly. I realized they would know I was alive at that point. I got up and started to run. I went toward the tree, and I saw one coming down from the sky. I was able to step back, so it didn’t hit me. I was thankful the Lord let me see it before it hurt me. I asked the Lord to continue to let me see these things, so they don’t hurt me. I was not afraid, but I was concerned. I went up to the man and asked him, “Why are you trying to kill me?” he just smiled. He was an older man of average build, and he had white hair. I never got an answer from him. I walked away, but I was able to see another arrow come down almost in front of me, so I was able to step back before it hit me.

I was with my daughter we were

I was with my daughter we were going though high grass and mountain sides we were walking she and I went over a mountain pass I told here to get down she didn't hear me or was not aware a bolder came down and chushed her I took the bolder rock that fell on her off her I only saw her arms the face was missing but I could hear her breathing I held her in my arms I was afraid she we dead she had no face it looked like snow I held her