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There was earth breaking all around me

There was earth breaking all around me as I was running. Looking to save my family there was lava spewing up from the ground. There were balls of fire raining down as far as I could see. Devestation and smoke were everywhere. As I ran I saw shelter. It had a giant entrance with large white pillars, and upon entering I saw a simple wooden desk. The desk was unattended and held one small pencil and a large book. As I approached the book, I felt it was of great importance to my saving. I stepped in front of it and a figure dressed in white appeared. He said to me in a language I did not know, "recite le Vatican". I felt lost and confused, not knowing what to say, yet as though he read the confusion of my mind, he vanished from my path, permitting me to pass. As I walked past the pillars and into the large building I had to walk down a flight of cement stairs. At the bottom I had to enter into a stall, almost like a private stall, but with nothing in it. When I entered I felt a deep sense of doom come over me. I was afraid, and sensed danger. As I stood entering the stall I saw what appeared to be bile running under the stall next to me. Without hearing, my mind heard that an angel in grey had pierced the side of another, and that was their fluids gushing out. I turned to leave and as exiting the stall there was a long mirror to pass. I saw myself in the mirror all I saw was an angel dressed in black behind me, There were flying black spirits above my head, swooping toward me and I was awakened out of my dream.

i am with a tall fair skined

i am with a tall fair skined white man with reddish brown hair and a mustache. he is a cop arround my age. his love and affection for me is strong and adores me. i hear his voice and all my sences like touch and feel are so real. i am always by the ocean on a windy cloudy day.i feel the wind through my hair and skin.and smell the salty sea air.he kisses my lips so passionately.i kiss him back. our love is very powerful.i feel it in my heart. my husband is near and knows how i feel but is afraid to come out of hiding and let me go.

I found myself at my childhood house

I found myself at my childhood house on my fathers side. I wanted to buy it for sentimental reasons. As I looked at the house form the outside parts of it were falling apart in rubble. there was a bear in one of the rubbled rooms. Later I seen a lion and another zoo animal. I happened to think that the zoo was nearby and some of the animals must have escaped. I went into the house and there were old relics there from our home years ago. Most I didn't recognize but a ceramic jar which was now cracked. I went into the kitchen of the home and a realtor was there. As I was talking to her about trying to fix the home I turned around and my father was there. He still had hair and it was black and he had a neatly groomed beard, which he never wore in life. He looked young and healthy and smiled at me. I turned and hugged my father and cried a little as I was so happy to see him. I turned to the realtor and whispered to her; "you don't understand, my dad has been dead for about ten years and I am so happy to see him." I didn't want him to hear as I was afraid if he did hear me, he would have to leave. I looked at the realtor and asked her if the city was giving out any money to help fix dilapidated buildings and she said no, but I could have it for the back taxes.