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You entered: My father rented this apartment

You entered: My father rented this apartment and it was so dirty and ugly. It had 4 bedrooms and it was filthy but there was one door that lead to a basement and it had two rooms down there. One of the room nobody wanted to go there and the other room it was nice. It was time to sleep and I was laying down in a bed, I was starring out the window and I see a guy looking at me. He was nice looking and he "liked" me. So I snook out to go see him and I hugged him.

The beginning of the dream, we my

The beginning of the dream, we my mom, siblings, and me were at my aunts house with her ex husband and my four cousins. They lived in a mansion which is unusual because they do not make much money and he didn't work, only my aunt did. My aunt was talking about moving to a littler place while he got a job and lived at the house to pay it off. Earlier in the dream on the way to my aunts I saw my ex and we exchanged looks. The dream continued but we seemed to be by old buildings and we were standing in a work shed by a gas station. People were walking around. There were these stairs that led up to a room at the top of the building, maybe an apartment. Suddenly, a big storm started to happen. It was a black, dust storm. It was very strong winds and it was throwing bails of hay everywhere. Two of my cousins are young and I saw them try to run out of the work shed and I grabbed her by the shirt as quickly as possible to get a grip and she still struggled to get outside. I finally got her a told her it was best to stay in away from the storm. The people were panicking because we didn't understand what was going on. All the dust made it nearly pitch black outside, you could see nothing past it. Teenagers were running up the stairs toward the room, and that's why my little cousin wanted to go. Out of nowhere, coming in from the storm I saw my ex walking toward the stairs with a lollipop in his mouth and he seemed happy. I looked around and people were still puzzled about the storm. Then I woke up.

I still remember a strange dream I

I still remember a strange dream I had, a few months to maybe half a year back. In it, I was outside of one the apartments in my complex, one I knew. On the flat concrete in front of the front door, was sitting my mom. Yet, it wasn’t -really- my mom. I don’t know if I can explain it properly, but whatever it was simply took form of her I feel. She’s not even able to sit on the ground in reality, or position her legs the way she did. She’s overweight, along with having a physical handicap that stops her from doing anything like that. Whatever it was, had sort of a strange presence, and it felt spiritual, almost higher. It seemed to have deep knowledge perhaps, I don’t know. But it attempted to make me manipulate my dream, by creating a kitten, in which I failed to do so. When I couldn’t, it said that I “wasn’t ready”. Could this simply just be some silly dream, or something more?

This guy, whom I barely know but

This guy, whom I barely know but really like a lot, french-kissed me, and he had something in his mouth, which he transported into my mouth during the kiss. And when I felt it in my mouth, I asked him: "what is that?", and he said it was speed (the drug).. Then I tried to spit as much of it out of my mouth as possible, and said that I have never done drugs in my life, and that I take some medication, which might have some serious consequences if mixed with drugs, and the guy's friend apologized to me and got kinda frightened, and then he locked me up in a room in the apartment where they all stayed, and I got really sad and tired and depressed, and the guy whom I really care for, didn't seem to care about me at all or about what just happened.. I don't think the drug has affected me much, I've probably spit the most of it out, but I did get a really depressed look on my face, and it seemed like the guy I care for even got disgusted by the sight of me... Can this dream be signifying what's really going on in my life? What I mean is: I really like this guy, whom I feel soulmate connection with, and who seems to be really attracted to me and like me too, but it's like he tries to ignore it and acts like he doesn't really care for me, which is very confusing and upsetting because I would really love to get to know him better.. So maybe this dream is telling me to forget about this guy, and if I'll trust him he's going to hurt me? Or can it actually mean something else or predict something?