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i was on a mountain top with

i was on a mountain top with a few others. we were camping or living there. a guy i once dated was lying on my lap. we were back together, starting again as a couple to be married. he said something's wrong. jumped up saw a fire in the distance. we all started moving down the mountain, leaving before the fire reached us. it stopped in the distance and remained like a tornado in just one section, right before where we camped. the last step coming down the mountain, something told me to start looking for gold. i did and it kept coming to me, first in chucks and then boulders!! my alarm woke me up but i kept digging and the gold never stopped coming to me until the last scene was the mountain under the all the dirt was gold-my gold but i woke up.

Dream: i was standing as a first

Dream: i was standing as a first person looking out but not able to see my body s see a large foot like looking at a giant facing the toes and the foot had a sandel like the old rome or greek exposed foot and the base of sandel then i saw the bottom of a robe and it had a line around the edge i not sure if it was big i was just looking then i saw a head the face and as i was looking the face came past me close i think it was the left eye came close to me moving right to left the eye was awsome can not forget it if i seen it again then in the distance the face stop and open the mouth and like light or lava coming out like a large beem not at me beem came out to left then i saw the right quarter lower mouth of another im sure it was mouth and a slight mustach loking like it was like a beard like you see in an religouse icon closed mouth

I was in a car with my

I was in a car with my long distance girlfriend driving the car. We passed several semi trucks that were specifically carrying props from a famous movie. One of the trucks crashed and my girlfriend drove faster. We managed to prevent an accident from happening to us but just barely. Later on, we were walking up a hill and me and my friends all turned into monsters but we all still had our original personalities. The dream ended with everyone accusing me of being the one to turn them into monsters.

Today I dreamt that Alison Kung was

Today I dreamt that Alison Kung was renting another room in the master tenanat's apartment. I was cognizant that I was asked to leave and didn't realize that the master tenant had remodeled the housing sans my room. Her lease was another room, with polished, shiny dark hardwood floor, several large windows overlooking a city off into the distance. The room is very large and includes built-in dressers and drawers. She mentioned that she just found it on Craigslist and that the price was really good for $895. She showed me a drawer full of expensive jewelry, some gold, some silver, some jade, most mixes of different mediums and colors. And surprising a number of them are shaped like a snake in coils, or in a line. Each piece had its place in the velvet off-white holder and as she closed the drawer, I wanted to see more. I wanted to comfort myself that I'll find a different place despite my jealousy.

I was walking down a sidewalk and

I was walking down a sidewalk and I heard someone call me ,it was my sister that had died yrs before she was sitting with these people I didn't know and she introduced me to them but I don't rem the names and we were all sitting on a car in some city laughing joking and talking,then in the distance I heard my brother call me that mom wanted me now to go eat .and I said wait,then my late sister said it was ok that they had to go too and that she was ok and she would see me again