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(In my dream) I came into my

(In my dream) I came into my room and i saw a quiet Chucky doll in my room. I immediately took it outside and threw it in the garbage. I went back into my room and the chucky doll was back where it was and i went to throw it away only to find it back in my room in the same place. I started cryijg telling my mom about this i felt like it was real and i felt crazy (still in my dream). i go to a grocery store to stop thinking about the doll and i start to see people who look like him and a lot of red everywhere and much more dolls. it was following me everywhere. (end) It was very random to dream about chucky when i hadnt thought about him in a very long time.

I had this dream where I woke

I had this dream where I woke up in this white room. When I say white I mean that EVERYTHING WAS WHITE The floor was white, the tv was white, the nightstand was white. Anything that you could have possibly think of was white. I got out of the bed and honestly didn't care where I was tbh I was more interested in what was in this place more than how I got there. I walked around and noticed all the doors were locked so I thought "Well damn am I stuck here now?" I turned around to see this huge window that appeared out of no where I quickly ran over to see what was out there and the view was like a water floor that would spread for miles, a sunset that looked white, not normally it's orange-red ish color and just a clear white sky. but okay this is was my favorite part, at that moment I felt like someone was behind me, and I was right. It was some guy who laid on the floor kinda like a doll I guess? He wasn't moving so I walked over to him and moved his hair out of his hair out of the way and noticed that His eyes were blue. That was the first color in that dream that I saw that wasn't white