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Reoccuring dream. a new, but same room

Reoccuring dream. a new, but same room in a different person's house each dream. glass double doors with green shag carpet. antique furniture and decor. white walls. and it is haunted

One day I suddenly enter with my

One day I suddenly enter with my family at a store like Shell but there's a McDonalds at one of the sides of the store (back side most likely) and once we have our order and food we go behind McDonalds in one of the back doors of the store to only find another little rectangle room . My family sits down and I ask my parents if I can get some ice cream ,since there is an ice cream dispenser only of vanilla with fudge (optional ) but I don't put the fudge there , my parents say yes and I happily skip to the ice cream dispenser and get some icecream. Soon enough this girl( about 9-10) and a boy(12-13) my age start talking talking to me , for some reason in this dream I know them but in real life I haven't really known them or ever seen them (or so I think).once we start talking for a while I suddenly forget about my family and go to a weird place behind the room which is more like a dark colored room but the games make it sort of bright;arcade and enter it with the boy and girl. We start having fun but we soon seperate only for me to suddenly go to the backyard which has a big tree which I can climb and weirdly enough my storage house which is bigger . I go straight for the backyard to only find my friends and some other ppl and some adults in which some I know . My friends from last year I see at first but then I find my new friends from this year and hang out with them and mainly hang out with my friend who is my best friend and start being competetive with each other(like always in real life), but at a sort of looking park with not so many trees but still raining a lil, soon after my sister comes looking after me while I'm talking laying on a tree ,right next to my storage room ,with my friend and I tell my sister a few more minutes but she say no, in some 5-7 minutes my mom and sister come and tell me that it's time to leave so I say goodbye to my friend , as soon as I get into that room I go into it but to not find the arcade and just the room behind the McDonalds as if we just skipped it , after that I wake up Sidenote: I've been having this dreams for years now and the same dream happens to me but the only difference is that each year whatever age I am and all the people in my dream age as well as in real life.

In my dream I'm walking in a

In my dream I'm walking in a dark street with bus stops along the way. Besides me there is a woman and in front of me my friend is walking. I catch up with my friend and as we are walking he takes my hand and holds it. We walk all the way home and when we get to my doorstep I kiss his cheek and my mom opens the door and lets me in, saying goodbye to my friend and letting him walk back home at midnight.

I was inside of a dark building.

I was inside of a dark building. Every minute I spent in there, it got darker. There seemed to be no way to get in this building, and no way to get out. There were no doors and no windows. There were also exit signs that weren't lit up. I tried following them to find a staircase, but there were no stairs. There seemed to be people that worked there, but you couldn't tell what they looked like. Additionally, they also whispered inaudible things as I walked or ran by. There was only one other victim, other than me. I remember bumping into him. He sounded very distraught, but he was still rational. He seemed to be on the brink of insanity. But when I talked to him, he seemed to have calmed down. He was very hungry. He kept telling me how hungry he was, and if I had found food. I told him I'd help him, but we went our separate ways. The strange thing about this place was that it was very factory-looking. There was no operating machinery, or sounds...but almost everything was made of metal or sheet metal. It looked like a hospital or a hotel. I remember there being a lot of elevators. All the ones I tried didn't work. Some of them were out of order, and others looked too terrifying to even try. Almost every single one had a mirrored ceiling. None of them worked right at all and each one got more sinister looking as I had found more and more of them. But there were no stairs. I remember specifically not trusting the elevators and wanted to find a stairway. I never did. The last elevator I tried was interesting. It could only go from floor 6 to floor 7. I had no idea what floor I was on. Be it 6 or 7. I never had a chance to reach another floor on the top or the bottom. I could only tell this elevator could go to either one, and it only had the two buttons, whereas the other elevators had several to choose from. I tried to use this elevator. It didn't work. The last thing I remember was finding a source of light. I frantically traveled through rooms to find a way out. The light looked promising but I couldn't tell if it was a window or just a hole in the wall, because the entire place was getting darker and darker and I could no longer make anything out...I only saw a light. When I tried to look through to see what was on the other side, the entire wall of that room shattered like glass and I fell out of the building. I was definitely not on a 6th or 7th floor. I was very high up and I appeared to be falling to my death. Instead of staying in the dream to see the impact, my fall was interrupted by everything turning black again. Then I heard the most realistic groan I have ever heard in my life. I don't know if it was me waking up or my unconsciousness putting that sound in my head, but it startled me awake. Even though the sound was disturbing, I was relieved to be out of that dream.

In my dream michelle and anthony we're

In my dream michelle and anthony we're chanting as they were coming closer towards me. I was laying on the ground and looked up to see they're both carrying a glass looking object with sharp pointy ends. Inside looked like an oily glass Next I was sitting in what appeared to be a den around a tabke with many others that I don't recognize . they were chanting around me. I became freaked out and ran out of the house. I looked around to see the night sky and every house on the block was dark with no street lights on. I screamed for help and tried to knock on doors but nobody answered. All of a sudden a white truck comes towards me attempting to run me over. That's when I awoke from that awful nightmare. I awoke at 2 am unable to fall asleep right away in fear that I would fall back into it.

I was at home and I wanted

I was at home and I wanted to make sure everything was secure so I started checking to make sure the doors were locked and I noticed the back door was open and I felt a breeze coming through the door. I became afraid and tried to close the door but I couldn't. the wind coming from outside the door was preventing me from closing the door. I tried to attach the lock on the door it was like a button and would not fasten because the wind kept pushing it open. the wind was very strong I became afraid of something trying to get inside. my youngest sister Tan was sleeping in the bedroom and I tried to scream for her to help me but I could not get the words out so I beat on the wall where she was sleeping to wake her and she got up. I held open the door and felt something in the air it was like a fold in the wind and it made me afraid so I asked my sister to feel it too. we both tried to shut the door.

Myself and a few others are running

Myself and a few others are running away from someone evil. We find a mansion that is totally lit up from the inside with lights and candles. We put them out to hide better and lock all the doors, moving from room to room.