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8 years old son sleeping when Jesus

8 years old son sleeping when Jesus comes into my dreams. We talk about learning your lesson on the first try . You get one chance for god is harsh and Jesus likes to watch me play with me we play games together ,walking around I can look up in his eyes and my answered from an question is known without words. Jesus loves to walk on water ,like an trick and why is there an ghost like figure dressed in white , bright colors shown on her head crown of flowers'. Jesus is more interested about me through questions about what I like, feel more comfortable with that than my question for him .Jesus is on the ghost like clothes yet his eyes are purely righteous feeling glimmering bluish,green eyes. His voice is soft unlike god .im building him 3huts for him out sticks ,clay muddy?

There is a figure of Christ in

There is a figure of Christ in front of me and He is looking at me thru His right eye while suspended on the Cross but the Tree of Life is growing fro His right side and lying upon His lower right ribs is a golden fruit as flowers and vines and fruit and grapes hang from the branches. The mountains are behind His head as the rays of what appears to be the sun behind the mountains rises and the Springs of Hebron were flowing down toward His left hand side which is far more in shadow and appears to be in shadow or turned in a way that keeps me from seeing the details of that side..