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In my dream it wasn like I

In my dream it wasn like I was observing the situation. It was a open field. I was watching two people. A girl in her 20s or 30s with white hire, she was wereing purple clothes. Then there was a guy who was an out the same age. With black short hair. Wereing a black t-shirt and tan pants. They were next to 3 trees with a bunch of huge tree limbs scattered on the ground. The the trees were a special tipe of squirrel. The girl was facing towards the bigger trees. Then guy ask what is wrong with that one.the girl turned around to one squirrel frozen on a branch looking out in the distance. The girl went over and picked up the squirrel off tje tree. She then said the only freeze when danger is around. The ground started to shake and the guy yelled what the hell. The girl looked were he was looking to 5 gorillas runing there way. Both the guy and girl started to back up. All the squirrels started to freeze up and everything went dead silent. The gorillas were hafe way to them when the girl yelled attack. Then all the squirrels started to throw what ever they had then they throw themselves at the gorillas. Every thing was fine until one of the gorillas got a hold of the guy. They broke his neck then dropped him. The girl was trying to run away but one of the smaller gorillas grabbed a branch that fell off the tree. The gorilla hit her in the head nocking her to the ground once on the ground the gorilla started to bach in her face with the branch. The gorilla finally killed the girl. Then I came in and walked over to tje girland pick her up and walked over to a more calm spot as I was walking the girl was turing into black ashs. Like she had been burned. Then she broke in two. I tjen put her on the ground. And walked over to the guy picked him up and walked to the girl and put him down next to her. His apperance did not change. I looked around and saw a nouther body. So I went over and did the same thing pick the body up and put it with the outhers. The gorillas started to come over but I tuned to them anf yelled leave all of you leave. The gorillas were now terfied and turned and ran a way. And that is my dream.

I was in some sort of zoo

I was in some sort of zoo which had frozen animals in it and something happens and they all start melting and coming to life. Some of them are escaping and it’s a bit scary and some granddad gave me his little toddler grandchild who had really blonde hair and the granddad just ran off – obviously scared of all the animals that were escaping. I was holding the toddler trying to calm him down and then he really started to cry and the animals were getting really close. So I was running holding him & chasing down the granddad and I found him, gave the toddler back & told him to run – get out of the area……..and I was ready to take on the animals

It always started with a vibrant color

It always started with a vibrant color red slowly fading into the background, like a backdrop of evil setting the scene. Around the edges and into the corners of my vision were black shadows, the darkest I had ever seen. I entered from the left, terrified beyond measure, yet determined to get what I came for; my grandparents’ release from Hell, from the bondage of Satan himself. Nana and Papo, my paternal grandparents, would enter from the right, distraught, resigned, yet, a bit hopeful. I ran to them, hugging and kissing them. I can still feel the way my grandfather’s solid middle felt against my skinny, half-grown arms. And then there was Satan. His voice boomed over us like thunder. My heart seized with panic and sank like a rock within me as terror washed over me like an ocean’s wave. For just a moment, the three of us huddled together, Nana, Papo and me. Then, after what felt like an eternity of being frozen in fear but seconds of being comforted by the warmth of their bodies, of their love, my voice found me. I freed myself from the entanglement of their arms and knew I had to do this on my own. I demanded their freedom. I asked that they be able to return with me to my home. While I do not remember the words that roared from the scoffing voice overhead, I remember that my request was denied. Nana and Papo had to stay in Hell. There was no question about it. Then, they turned and exited back from whence they had come, resigned, saddened but willing. I screamed. I screamed their names. I screamed in protest. I screamed because of the injustice. They did not belong there. They knew Jesus. And yet, it had not been enough. In that moment, He had not been enough. That’s when I would awake in a panic, crying, hardly able to breathe. Yet another thing was out of my control. Yet another injustice was being committed and I could do nothing. My voice was not being heard. My stomach was churning as was my heart.

I was in a warehouse, inside were

I was in a warehouse, inside were a large conglomeration of people milling about doing various things, standing in conversations, etc. On the floor were various puddles and messes left behind by dogs, IE: poop, & puke, while in the dream I was convinced the puddles were all poop and was grossed out, and concerned that I might accidently step in it, so as I stood there contemplating how to clean up the mess suddenly Kathy Creighton came up to me, and took me in an embrace and started dancing with me, sort of a waltzy thing, hands clasped in the air, one around the waist, and she pulled close to me as we danced. I became uncomfortable and looked at her asking her what she was doing and if she thought this was such a good idea, and she looked close at me and said "Just listen to me!" and then continued to dance. Then, we danced over to an area in the warehouse where there was an office build-up, and in the doorway was a group of people, one of them, sitting in a chair or on the floor (?) was Aaron, Kathy's husband, he looked pissed, and his hair was all cut off, like he'd been shaved but there was a stubble, I was very concerned and released Kathy from our embrace and handed her back to Aaron, I think I said "Thanks Aaron..." and he looked up at me with a very distainful look. I went back into the warehouse area where all the messes were, and where Kathy & I were dancing, and noticed that there were sheets of paper towels over the mess-piles, like someone noticed and just tried to cover them up so no one would step into them. I began picking up the towels, grasping the gook in attempt to clean up and in the process got some of the feces on the inside of my lips, UGH! I became freaked out and started looking for a bathroom or sink so I could rinse off my mouth, I walked through another series of doors on the office build-up, I guess it was a bathroom (?) Saw a toilet, and a toilet paper roller, I don't think it had TP on it, there was a plastic bar on it connected to the two posts where the roll attached, and when I moved it there was a light blue light behind it, and it was warm to the touch. In process of trying to find a way to clean myself I lost focus and ended up on the back side of the office build-up back in the warehouse, where there was a refrigerator that had a package of frozen vegitables laying on the top, noticing them I touched the bag to feel if it was room tempreture, it was very cold still so I picked them up and opened the fridge, I looked in and could see the back of the fridge had a window on it to where you could see the back side, I figured that anyone could have made the mistake of setting these vegies on the top of the fridge because the view to the top was very much like the view to the inside (?).