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My boyfriend is in jail and has

My boyfriend is in jail and has a court date this week where he may get out. I had a dream that he got out of jail and we were so happy. Does this mean he will get out ?

I am sitting at home alone with

I am sitting at home alone with my sister getting ready to head to bed. I hear my garage door open and run to grab my sister. I hear two men speaking as they walk in my house, i tell my sister to stay put while i go and grab something for defense. I must have been to loud because the guys hear me and started looking. I told my sister to start breaking my screen in my window so we could get out, as shes busting the window open the guys start breaking down my door to get in. There screaming and my sister is crying. I push her out the window and tell her to run next door to the neighbors for help. I start to climb out the window and next thing i know i feel a hot burst of in hip. As im running to my neighbors house im bleeding and crying trying to get there. I made it to the door of my neighbors house and never knew what happened next

My friends father was trying to rape

My friends father was trying to rape me but I ran and hid in my other friends house. But there was a zombie outbreak and I had to stuff my family inot my car, when I did escape him. I kept dreaming that I left my sister behind on accident. The zombie guy who could surprisingly talk gave me 5 minutes to get out of the area or else. He also said that we have 5 bags and that's too many and we could only have 3

I drove a truck To the store

I drove a truck To the store and waited on the passengers I didn't know to get back in the truck. I was on the way to my new job. Somehow, when the passengers got in the truck, I was now in the back seat and this guy I didn't know was driving. He was agitated that I was there. I told him I needed to go to work but then asked for him to just drop me off at my car right down the street and I will drive myself. He drove off the bridge into the very rough river waters. They were gone and I was still in the backseat trying to figure out how to get out as the truck was sinking and filling up with water. My alarm went off so I was not able to finish the dream.

I dreamed I was in a car

I dreamed I was in a car going to a party. It was like a rave. i went inside this big building a celebrity walked in. He gave us big can of corn and mixed fruit. he then walked back in the room and gave us scantrons and report cards. The teacher was cheating on the students report cards. and we got mad. then i was walking through the building and i wanted to stay at the party but my mom wanted me to leave. so we walked back through the entrance but you had to jump roofs to get out and i was afraid but i did it anyways.

Jason and i are living at my

Jason and i are living at my grandmas or we'll be moving in shortly. I guess he got this girl pregnant in a one night stand and she's there cause she's due soon. So I'm talking to Jason about it not being his and he wants to be there so he can get a paternity test as soon as possible. So she goes into labor and he takes hee to the car and and tells me to grab Gatorade and stuff for him. Well first he hands her to me to help her out the door while he was grabbing stuff. So i tell him to come take her cause I'm not strong enough to help her down the stairs. Then he tells me to get Gatorade and stuff. So i run upstairs to grab my purse and water bottle cause i don't like going anywhere without them. I go back downstairs to look for Jason's drink, but can't find it. Once i get in the car the girl is yelling at him about the position they're both in. I yell at her saying not to talk to him that way cause he's helping her out. Then he leans over to give her a kiss and I'm confused as to why. He tells me of course its his kid and that he loves her. She looks back to me and asks why do you think Jason always leaves the Windows open whenever he is home and she laughs. At this point I'm panicking cause i can't get out of the car. Then we pull up to this high tech psych ward where they aren't regulated and they go by anyone's word. As we're pulling in they tell me they just strung me along until Jason and i moved in to my grandmas. She puts on a pearl necklace 'a gift from her.' And they make up this story about me needing to be in there. Once I'm in i immediately try to get out, but security stops me. Eventually i find friends there who are also trying to get out. We start using air vents and service tunnels. We almost get caught twice. I dont really remember the first time, but the second time we are trying to get into a service area and i have the covering off when a man in a suit comes around rhe corner and tries to stop us. I use a piece of the covering to knock him out. Then another guy comes around grabbing for us when a third guy knocks him out. He says hes gonna help us get out because he knows how crooked this place is.Towards the end of the dream that service man helping us found a way to change our identities in order to get out. So its us four girls locked in this sauna bathroom and we start to change what we look like. Before we can change the guy tells us his father is making the rounds that night so we have to be extra careful. We all go into the huge shawer and turn the steam all the way up. When he gets there to check over the place, looking for us, my friend talks to him throigg the door about us all being in there and to not come in. Yoy can see over the top. So im hiding my face as best as possible. Then all of a sudden the guy comes in and starts to attack my othee two friends like sexually. Idk why but then all of a sudden hes gone and we start to changw. We use this soap that transforms our whole body. We basically become albino. Once we all change we talk to people about our new names and stuff. That's where i woke up.

I get on a bus, its very

I get on a bus, its very nice bus. My pastor and the driver are up at the front. I then realize that i left my purse behind and i like panic. I tell the pastor i forgot my purse but they keep going and so i then said to stop and to let me out. the driver seemed like he wanted to take me back to get my purse but the pastor said no, we have 15 hours to go. So i get out and im like i have no money, no id, no contacts nothing! I start walking the same route the bus has traveled thinking its not that far. Theres also a cat walking along with me.