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im in a room and meet a

im in a room and meet a little girl who is about 6 years old. then i end up at a resisitance camp by myself and then later see that the little girl has arrived at the camp before me. I meet a park ranger and we arrive at a cliff with a beautiful bright blue ocean. at this point. The park ranger urges me to jump off the cliff but im scared but i end up jumping. I then arrive at an abandoned city holding the little girls hand with a gun in my other hand and we are running. The city is dark skies and there is a passing car with guys in it with guns. The guy in the car shoots the little girl and I end up carrying her to an abandoned building to rescue her. She gives me a bracelet and then i fight a random woman. There then is a car chasr and I get shot in the dream but im aware. I try to climb a red ladder and the dream ends.

i was in a house with my

i was in a house with my sister and there was a women and her small child in the home as well. we were trying to figure out how to get the women and child out of the home without a ex beau of mine from entering the home n stealing and or causing anyone harm. we thought we had everything in order and i walk the women n child into the garage to get in the car so they would be able to proceed w their lives as normal. from behind me i heard keys rattling, i knew it was ex beau he was coming up stairs from the basement he was rattling the keys and had a gun. i said he is here and walked away from the women n child so they would not get hurt. i am his target. he approached me gun raised ready to fire and my sister came up behind him and took the keys she also had a gun. i woke

In my old house there was a

In my old house there was a large window that you could see the driveway through. In the driveway I had three cars. Every time I have this dream it is night time. There is a group of hooded people in dark robes and I can't see their faces. At first they don't notice me but if I make an effort to attack them, they come toward me and shoot with guns. I was standing in my living room and they were shooting at me through the window. I got on the ground and they continued to shoot and I felt heat in my head. Soon they stopped, but every time they noticed me they would start shooting me again. My dad was also in the dream but they weren't trying to attack him like they attacked me. Throughout the entire dream, I could not see the faces on the hooded figures.

I was at my friends house on

I was at my friends house on a summer evening. I liked her but she didn't really know. We were sitting there talking when all of a sudden she leaned in and kissed me. We continued this for some time and then moved to her room. We didn't go any further, but I ended up staying the night and sleeping with her. We were then woken a few hours later by a loud bang. We both sat up and a masked man entered the room. I got in front of my friend to shield her but the man pulled a gun and fired at me. I woke up right after this.