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Me and my friend were going to

Me and my friend were going to a house party. The owner of the party was an old high school friend. He seemed to have gained a lot of weight. When we got inside there was a lot of people I had not seen in a long time, they were all from high school. After a couple drinks one of my friends Tyler asked me to carry me all around the house. I agreed. He picked me up and just ran around the party with me in his arms. Then my friend Seb came ans said he wanted to try. So, he picked me up and carried me around the house but even faster. Then this guy that I never met wanted to help so they both proceeded to carry me. Then later on after all of the carrying had ended my friend Liam, Tyler's twin brother came up to me and said "hey I hear about what happened I wish I could have helped everyone carry you too."

We, Brian and I, were like in

We, Brian and I, were like in a downtown area of a town or city. We met up kind of like on a date. We were at a restaurant eating some Asian food or something, I remember him getting seafood or something. Anyway, somehow we got separated at the restaurant by other people. They started sitting between us and we just got separated. First just at the restaurant and then completely in the area. There was then something about a bus and me traveling with these people to some place. But later in the dream (when I don’t know) he and I met back up and he took me by the hand and walked with me, holding my hand the whole time so we would not get separated or lose each other again. He hugged me and he whispered, “I love you” in my ear. I don’t remember in the dream if I had a chance right then to say it back immediately to him, or if I just looked at him and said it back to him a little later. I might have looked at him in disbelief and not said it yet. I really am blurry on that part. But I do know I did say it back to him soon after, telling him “I love you, too.” I was very happy he told me that and we seemed happy together. He was happy I said it too to him. There was also something about school. I was all happy that we finally got to attend school together in the same place…almost like senior year in high school or something, but I was missing my last several classes of the day and I wanted to know if we had any classes together, me and him. I was just happy we got to go the same school finally as we hadn’t before and I was so happy to be with him more often. Then there was also something in the dream like I was over at his mom’s house and I finally got to meet her. And she liked me. And I had a bunch of my spiritual stuff with me (wands, cards, crystals, etc.) all kind of laid out and they seem interested in it. And there was something about beautiful boxes somewhere (like back at a mall or something) and we, me and whomever I was with, got to pick out one box or gift bag and there were special surprises in these boxes. I picked a pretty one that looked like a similar floral pattern I thought I had in another box at home. The box I picked was a taller square box that had a purplish floral pattern on it. I awoke before I opened the box to see what my surprise was. It seemed like something of value though.

I was walking down a hallway in

I was walking down a hallway in my high school library and I meet a guy that I had a crush on. We said hi and we went down separate hallways. Then, we ran into each other again, said hi to each other again and walked down separate hallways. We ran into each other for the third time, said hi to each other, and decided to sit down in the lounge area. My crush sat down on a chair and I sat on his lap with my arms around his neck. I leaned in closer to his face and I kissed him.

I was at a stem camp and

I was at a stem camp and i was the only person i knew there i made freinds. Then we went outside and i saw a old freind i want nothing to do with. I ignore her and go to the high school were i have old journals im throwing away. These guys steal them then i have to go find them because they mean alot to me. Then a guy freind who has a crush on me but i dont like him shows up and helps. He walks faster ahead of me and i try to catch up. We go to this firehouse and this dog terrifies me. I sit in a ball sobbing and rocking back and forth then i cant breathe and im clawing and reaching out but everyone ignores me. But as soon as my eyes start to drift close they rush to me. But as soon as i die i wake up

I am 12, 13 next month. I

I am 12, 13 next month. I am at my high school getting ready to get married. The groom was a boy from my primary school, who had a crush on me for 3 years. As the hours drag on, he never turns up. I am a very anxious person, I worry and fear just about everything. I am getting scared and nervous. Is he ditching me??? My dad and brother go out to get him. They come back and mouth "we found him!" I am filled with relief and happiness until he walks through the door. Not my fiancée...a boy from my high school class. (I have never had a crush on this boy or found him crushable.) I tell him that I'm sorry but I can't marry him, but he is very nice and handsome. The dream ends with me in my wedding dress, and an intense feeling of despair. *I got my "fiancée"'s number in real life, we used to text. But whenever I text him now he completely ignores me. My friend told me "he's over you." a couple of weeks ago. This actually made me really sad, although I refused to show it, and said "good."* Hope you can interpret my dream, it's really bugging me xox