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It all started with me in prison

It all started with me in prison trying to escape, and I did so. I ran to my grandmas house most of my family was there. They tried to catch me and hand me over to the police, I got away by jumping out of the bathroom window. I was running through backyards were I encountered dozens of dogs trying to attack me, I continued to jump over fences and run through fields. I ended up behind a grocery store, I than called my girlfriend and told her what was going on, she broke up with me even knowing she was pregnant with my baby. I asked her to stay with me and asked her to wait for but she couldn't. I was worried for her about rent and bills. After that I was caught by the police, and them knowing I wouldn't get out for years and years they allowed me to stay with my family for a few hours. I flashed into a dark field with all of my family looking up at the stars and thinking about life, on my way back walking through the field 3 giant monarch butterflies flew towards me landing on my neck ( I could feel them licking my neck as if it was very real). After getting to the car they disappeared into thin air.

I was walking and then running and

I was walking and then running and then crawling while a black men kept jumping over me. IT was hurdle style no harm involved, but then I stood yet again halting their jumps and keeping them on the ground. Next out of the corner of my eye I see one of my teachers and bunch of asians wearing ninja outfits and I knew what was about to come. A showdown between skilled fighters and a psycho me who was willing to kill all of them out of self defense and for fun. THe battle was Epic and lasted half an hour. By the end there was more blood than there is water rushing through the Nile River. I stood red head to toe victorious. My teacher looked up at me and asked for help and before she could finish I smashed her face in and killed her. After the win I began to walk and walk and walk and I ended up at my school. Then a herd of red rhinoceros stampeded the school to the ground and I escaped bringing many of my more attractive female classmates and acquaintances with me. In debt to me for saving their lives and them being wet about me being a hero we had a great great orgy. Then i came and woke up.