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I walked onto a huge construction zone

I walked onto a huge construction zone where there were only workers far away. I walked up to a lawn mower with two large rocks in front of it. I had to move the rocks in order to get the keys to the lawn mower. When I moved them there was a body upside down in a whole, wrapped in a tarp and duct tape. I could see one shoe through the tarp. There were also a couple of rodent moles crawling around the tarp.

I was lisening to the rore of

I was lisening to the rore of anengine then i came out ,saw a friend handed her a car keys then she said she was returning a shirt i had forgotten on her car moment later we were talking about her moving to her new place then i saw a home made bbq pit on the street i grabeded then i saw a man selling some and offered me some others for 3 dollars

A) My dream started off with a

A) My dream started off with a phone call that something had happened to my dad. It was just me and my brother at home when we got the call and my mom had her car and she was heading to the hospital. I didn’t have my license but my brother and I had to get to the hospital so I took the keys for the extra car and my brother and I got in. The car drove itself so I went into the front seat because we were about to crash when I saw my mom. We past a whole bunch of cops but they didn’t notice didn’t have my license. I got really nervous and tried to turn the car around but the roads were slippery and the car just turned in circles. I couldn’t control the car.

I had a dream that my best

I had a dream that my best friend died at a festival. I left him to go to the toilet and I came back to a crowd of people around him saying he overdosed on drugs. Which I knew for a fact was bullshit cause he is so anti drugs. I ran to him and had him in my arms crying while the police and ambulance came. Once they got there they took him away and before I let him go I grabbed his car keys and ran to the car park I rang my dad and told him what happened and that I was taking his car home cause that's where he would want it to be and that I had to tell his parents as well.when I got to the car park I couldn't find his car and a random Asian lady came up to me saying that someone is present and is attached to you she asked if someone just passed and I started crying and told her it was Jesse. She the started calling his name out loud and next thinking I knew standing in front of me was Jesse wearing a green power ranger mask on it wasn't until he took the mask of I knew for sure it was him. I started crying even more and asked him what happen he then told me never to trust anyone on drugs as some random guy one punched him and he died one the floor. I then asked him where his car was and he took me there when I looked around for the Asian lady she was gone and then I got in the cars and he sat next me to and we both drove back to his house and then I woke up.