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My sister gave me a strawberry blonde

My sister gave me a strawberry blonde wig and a matching hat , but she loved the wig so much I gave it back to her and someone inside the school stole my wig and tennis shoes , and she wanted me to meet a male friend of hers

I was going to my first day

I was going to my first day of class and nobody knew me and they had started from last year and the professor didn't acknowledge me and I didn't understand the assignment they were doing. It was a weird drawing class and I didn't know how to participate but the professor ignored me when I tried to ask for help. And then we critiqued all the pieces but I didn't submit anything because mine were terrible compared to everyone else's. So class ended and I was trying to talk to my professor and I was staring at her eyes and something was wrong with them. She looked like she was blind in both eyes because they had almost no color and her pupils were tiny. But I kept asking her a question and she would in turn ask me a different question and I wasn't getting anywhere. And then OUT OF NOWHERE David grey comes into the studio wearing a long ass white fur coat with neon pink trim and a matching headband comes in and starts talking to my professor and was like "you can't get away from me." And then I walked home through a flooded street.

I watched comfortably sitting on a rock,

I watched comfortably sitting on a rock, tall yellow grass, green shrubs, tall deep rooted and thick trees, as two tiger cubs chased playfully and drew blood from a goat. one cub would run to a hide in the green shrubs and they other, as if tagged in a Big Time wrestling match, would come out from the hidden spot to playfully, yet without remorse, plant its long teeth into the tiny goat. both the cubs were dripping with more blood than the tiny goat could have produced, I thought. I wondered where the mother was unafraid as I watched perched on the rock. I woke up either because I need to evacuate my kidney or because I didn't want to watch the goat killed.

My house starts to catch fire because

My house starts to catch fire because of shotgun shells on fire. My dad helps the shells burst by lighting a match and throwing it on the crates. I yell at my dad to get my stuffed bear that was my grandpa’s to save and he tells me that it is too late, everything is already on fire. I yell at him wondering why he lit the match. I hide behind my brothers truck when the shells burst. Afterwords, I go into the house to see what all is damaged. In my room, my laptop, lamps, bed and pictures are all burnt. The only things left are stuffed animals including my grandpa’s stuffed bear. I am relieved but still sad that my clothes and other belongings are destroyed.

Had a dream i was in a

Had a dream i was in a patch of feild and a large 12 foot huge rock was in front of me out of the top of the rock water was coming out and flowing into a dinner plate size dish (also part of the rock) from there it went down into a small foot deep pond at the base of the rock. So i walked up to the deal with a urn like clay 3 foot tall pot in my hand knelt and held the drinking device in a way where the run off from the dish began to fill up the pot and overflow into my mouth.It began to fill me up with the coldest most refreshing water, it was like cold cold cold air deep deep within.The second the water hit the pit of my stomatch it felt as if it was never going to end, like the breth i took in was non stop forever coming in.It was taking me over, it was overflowing inside me only to come out only to go back in and overflow.Then i woke up and said Hey now that was cool....Share with me your thoughts.

My daughter when she was about 2

My daughter when she was about 2 putting on a pair of blue shoes that matched her blue tights, ane her great grandmother on her fathers side my mother

Mismatched shoes-- I had a dream last

Mismatched shoes-- I had a dream last night I can't remember what I was prepreparing for, but my daughter and my coworker where there following me around as I was getting ready. I could not find a matching pair of shoes. I kept finding two shoes that looked similar, but not matching. I remember thinking any of these shoes would do if I could just find a match. I finally found a match... but they were dirty so I had to wash them, and then, we had to go, but my feet were wet and cold because I had washed my shoes. They were nicest shoes that I found and they matched, but they were uncomfortable--because I had to wash them and they were wet.

My boyfriend went abroad to study.I had

My boyfriend went abroad to study.I had a dream tt I went to watch hm at a rugby match and he would look at me and totaly ignored mi like I wasn't even there.We then broke up in real life and I had another dream that he came to me crying,sying he was sorry.