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Saw a big military plane flying above

Saw a big military plane flying above my house and the pilot saying they wanted to drop a bomb above it and this cause a world war and when I run out of the house the plane changes into a military car and it goes away

In prison and was being beaten by

In prison and was being beaten by someone, maybe the guard. Tried to escape, but got shot running away, laid on the ground while getting shot by very heavy military artilery, and was getting shot in every inch of my body esxcept the left side of my head as it laid on the ground away from the guns. Figured my left brain was keeping me alive. They realized I was alive and choked me with a wire and I drifted away from my body as I watched them choke to to death. Woke up.

I'm at a dock, in front of

I'm at a dock, in front of me is a town and its full of people I don't know but I know that they're happy. Behind me is a factory or warehouse that I've never been in. There are people on the docks but I don't know them and I don't trust them, they don't feel right. To my left there is the ocean and a set of stairs leading down to a beach. There is a guy living in the cave on the beach and I go down to see him though I don't know if I know him all I know is that something bad is coming and its safe in his cave. As a walk down the stairs I see a ship coming towards the beach, its still a fair way off but I can feel that it's wrong, that it's dead. When I reach the bottom of the stairs the dream splits I'm turning to look at the cave and there are two versions side by side - two beaches, two caves and two 'me's. In the good version the beach is lovely and the guy is happy in his little cave but I can't go in, I speak to him for a minute and he's happy, I'm happy the world is ok. In the bad version there's blood on the beach and the guy is lying on a table in the cave, dead and mutilated. In both version I back away from the cave and the cave seals off. In the good version there's a sign or plaque next to where the cave was and the beach is still pretty. In the bad version there is a sign but its worn and ugly and the beach is now soaked in so much more blood and I'm covered in it. In both versions the ship is getting closer and it scares me. I go back to the stairs and as the beach falls out of view the versions meld back together and there's only one dream. At this point I know that it is a dream and that something bad is moments from happening. The factory opens up and trucks start driving out. They're covered in bodies wrapped in linens. The drivers don't get out and I run up to the first one and I beg them to go away, there's a town, everyone will die. The driver knows, he is government of military and he knows that he will die, that I will die and that everyone in the town will die but its his job and his sacrifice and he stays in the cab and waits to die. The people on the docks have stopped. Literally they have just stopped nothing moves and except for the ship, which is now just about at the beach, and the body on the top of the pile on the first truck - its starts moving and I start running. I run in to the factory and there is just a whole lot of shipping containers. The back wall of the factory is covered in holes which are rather large and square and pitch black. I climb on top of one of the shipping containers. The ship has reached the beach and everything outside is going to hell. Inside the factory the dead are starting to come out of the back wall, they're climbing out of the squares and on to the wall, they don't see me yet but for some reason it feels like the shipping container I'm on is tilted and I start slipping. Now they've seen me and they're coming for me and I'm slipping and I'm going to die.

I dreamed that i am wearing a

I dreamed that i am wearing a military uniform, holding a rifle and i was standing on top on a hill. when i looked at the battlefield..its like hell..

My second dream that i recall is

My second dream that i recall is when i was in a cave fighting one of my friends that turned into a giant spider looking monster he was half human half spider his upper body was the human part and the lower part of his body was the spider part he had an eye patch on his left eye and carried a handgun in his right hand he had his military gear on and stood about 20 feet tall in the air we were about to duel in the dark cave the only weapon i had was a katana sword that was extremely old and flimsy the match began and he started firing bullets at me i failed to dodge one of them and felt the bullet go through my heart i felt like i was about to die at that moment i suddenly woke up from one of my worst nightmares