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He took me to go see a

He took me to go see a movie. We originally went with a group, I knew he would be there so I dressed super cute. Then when we got there nobody else showed up but him and I. It was a date. So we went and saw the movie. At first he slid his hand on top of mine. He then put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. My head laying on his shoulder. I felt warm and happy. At one point he pulled his arm off. I looked up at him. He put his hand on my cheek and pulled me in. We kissed. We continued to kiss. We made out in the back of the theater. Then the movie ended. He grabbed my hand and lead me outside. He drove me home. When we got there he walked he to the door. He kissed me one last time before I went inside. I received a text saying that he had a great time. I was never happier.

I cannot remember the first part of

I cannot remember the first part of my dream, but I remember there being multiple killings, they all hit one of my family members. Then, I am in a house that I used to live in. Then suddenly, I see my dog shot through the back of her head. The blood spews everywhere. I scream and turn around and tell everybody. Then once I turn around again, she is sitting in my brother's lap and she is unhurt. Everybody calls me crazy. Then, my dream cuts to another part that I don't remember, but someone is murdered. Eventually, my dream cuts to a part where somebody is shot through the window. I see this person get shot, but nobody else sees it. I am called crazy once again. But they believe me at some random point in the dream, and we go after the killer. We end up in a mall and I see a set of windows with tonnes of bullet holes in them. I look through a window and see a man with a gun looking down at us. I scream "run" and drag them down the hall a bit. I end up in a bathroom, but my backpack fills with water. It makes a lot of noise, and I give up and walk out of the bathroom. I see the killer and he walks up to me and asks me where my family is since he wants to skin them. I trick him, saying that I would take him to them since I wanted to skin them alive too(when I didn't). I take him to the roof, where he tells me something along the lines of "I'm trying this new thing where I take people on blind dates before I kill them". Then as I'm swinging him off of the roof (when he appeared in front of me, I took both of his hands in mine so he wouldn't reach for a weapon), I wake up, quite abruptly.