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Ok so I had a dream that

Ok so I had a dream that I saw these two topless women, one brown hair and slightly tall and the other blonde who was short. I came up behind them both and put my arms around both of them. I remember touching their nipples as we walked around and I do not recall being naked myself. As the dream progressed I found that the brown haired woman was more outgoing while the other was more conservative. I went places with the two and was only left with the blonde haired woman. She was lying on a bed ,this time with a bra on and I picked her up and left with her. The dream ended .

Dream of dancing with ex lover and

Dream of dancing with ex lover and all of a sudden he opens my blouse and start sucking my nipple while on the dance floor.

I dreamt I was in a church

I dreamt I was in a church and there were 9 men all in red robes and red sunglassed but they had nipples like a dog and told me I know who you are you have power their were people laying on the floor and levatating and spinning in. Circles one man spoke but it wasn't his voice?