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I was at my neighbours eating a

I was at my neighbours eating a meal before going out for the evening. When we went out i found myself at a checkpoint without my neighbour, where everyone wore white tops and gray trousers. They were like robots walking through in single file. I was then singled out by a man in shiny black shoes, black trousers and a flamenco style orange and red shirt. I was dancing with him but when i said no more as i couldn't do the dance i found myself all alone there. There was no-one going through the checkpoint. I went into a room of people who didn't speak my language to ask them to let me go. They muttered amoungst themselves, then a woman said they wouldn't let me go as i refused to dance with the man in the bright clothes. I then woke up/

Me and my sister were kidnapped by

Me and my sister were kidnapped by a woman who said she was saving us and we were hiding from the people she took us from for days around the city. We went into a shop at one point and bought salmon (??). We were going down an alleyway and at the corner was an orange shopfront where my sister was dragged into by the people. Her face went really pale and sick looking. It said something about ghosts and suicide on the sign outside. I ran with the woman into an abandoned building and she told me there was nothing we could do. I was thinking of how to save her while we ran down streets but someone yelled "we have proof!" And everyone, including us lay down on the ground and a police car came around the corner towards us. A police man on a motorbike came over to us and he insulted my teeth (??). He took off his motorbike helmet and had a gash on his nose. Suddenly we were all in a green grassy field next to a red brick wall with 2 huge spider webs around us, each had one big spider and millions of tiny ones but the dream continued on as normal. The policeman said that me and my sister would be brought away and the woman would be arrested, for some reason the voice of the people chasing us came from the spiders? The policeman threw the spider webs on me and then I woke up in a fright.