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Outdoors, it was a long view of

Outdoors, it was a long view of a grassy plain. Late afternoon. Storm clouds forming. I saw, in the middle of this plain, a herd of buffalo. Stampeding towards me. Odd thing. The stampede seemed to have flame or light sporadically coming out of it. I sounded a warning to another, who I did not see nor do I know. Almost angry at that person, I was. I was "inside" what could be a large terminal, or station - but it had no wall that faced the plain. It was totally open. I took cover on what would be a restroom stall against a wall, closing the aluminum door hoping not to be run over. The perpendicular wall to the stall was a tall wall of thick beveled glass - this is what the stampede would have to crash into. The sound of them stampeding got louder as they drew nearer. I was scared. But at the moment of what should have been impact on the beveled glass - there was silence. As if they had either disappeared or ran through it without a trace. Amazed at what didn't happen, I then woke up.