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My sons father just passed away 3

My sons father just passed away 3 months ago had a dream about him standing in front of me telling me how much he loves me and I'm incentive him mine and wanted to leave with him while my real boyfriend stand by the side pretend not to be there listening to the whole thing but at the same time I was confused but the man confessing his love to me is my boyfriend and then off to the side was my son's father but the man in front of me look like my sons father

I was spending time with a girl

I was spending time with a girl (pro skater- leticia bufoni)she was smiling and pleasant. I felt happy and excited. She seemed to smile bigger every time she looked at me. I felt as if the two of us had been doing that " I like you , I know you like me, but no one will make the first move " So sitting on a curb out side my apartment (current) we chatted about my current gf. She said things like "your girl must be so happy" "your girl must be beautiful" In my dream I actually acknowledged this and a lucid dream began. (Or vivid - the one you can control) I said to l.b. "The two of you could be paternal twins" She then started to blush and smiled so big. Giggling she said something, I don't remember what was said but I remember the feeling. She did that girl screech when they get really giddy and then the dream began to procced. My choice of words , was actually my choice "Maybe the three of us could all be together" l.b. Became so giddy and happy. She reached down into a puddle of water to grab her white dog (no distress in the animal or leticia, both just giddy and excited. She then passed the white dog to me an I carried it inside (cute white dog) We then started walking back towards my apartment and my dream cut to a new scene. In my apartment now I was with a friend (male) my gf was a bit agitated about my dream.(I felt I had told her about the dream and was discussing it with my gf and male friend(whom I'm not sure) I remember a feeling of knowing the disscussion was a dream but feeling awake. Trying to describe a million things and reasons why I had the dream about l.b. (I know a bit about dream interperatation) she seemed to calm down and by the end of this waking dream inside my first dream, my gf seemed to be coming around to either the idea of us all bein together in a relationship (not a horn dog, I'm a lover, so much emotion and love to give) or just not feeling threatened any more. My dream cut again to a new scene Sitting with leticia I became excited , smiling. We seemed to be at a skate park but just sitting. My dream shortly ended. I don't remember what was said. But I do remember a feeling of success, if my feelings could talk"it's working lmao" I remember feeling so happy. Like Dating your first gf that feeling that you get from your first relationship. I remember feeling light chested. Breathing seemed to take concentration. As if the beauty was so enveloping I had to focus on my berthing to keep breathing. I would love for this dream to mean exactly what I saw. But I know it probably doesn't. I've had dreams about people dying and woke up to find out they had died about the same time I was dreaming. If someone could help me out with interpretation, for an external viewpoint, that would be great. Thnx A. B.

I dreamed I was in a big

I dreamed I was in a big castle of the devil and awaited my turn to go in for a session with the devil. While I was in the waiting room I saw lot of kids they were sleeping and one corner I saw two people making love and I felt the evilness in the Castle. I then decided to escape, I saw myself ran down the stairs of the castle and somehow I got to the bottom it is a beach and I ran but infront of me were totally darkness and I have no idea what I am going to run to in the darkness and then I saw the devil a man fly outside the castle to come after me and then I decided to go back instead of running into this totally darkness, and he got hold of my left hand and led me back to the castle...but at the same time I cried out "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Holy Spririt Help me Help me and I know the devil was disappear and I never went back in to the castle....Thank you

My friend Sara and I were sitting

My friend Sara and I were sitting on the mountains and all of the sudden I wanted to take a picture of the sky because it was so beautiful and as I was taking the picture this plane is coming and so I'm waiting for it to pass so I can get a picture but it ends up getting closer and closer and it ends up crashing and I thought that it the sky so much prettier because it had the dark pink and orange and then grey from the smoke but it was so scary at the same time. And then the plane exploded and somehow the debris was sent so far that it hit me and it was this giant fiery hunk of metal but after it hit me I just stood up and was telling people how I saw that plane crash and explode and tried showing them the burn marks that I could feel on me but the marks weren't showing. And the last part I remember of it was asking Sara to send me the pictures I took.

I was walking behind my son, and

I was walking behind my son, and he fell in a hole. The first time he fell half way in and the second,(both occerences in same dream...sort of rewound itself like a movie on screen) he fell in the hole, running, I got to the hole, saw him from above, and as I grabbed for him and/ or something to grab him with I woke feeling mad and frustrated and fear all at the same time,

Slept with the boss and sister at

Slept with the boss and sister at the same time. Dog was missing. Dog came back. The runt was projected to die due to genetic disease. While traveling with my sister and the boss we would take things from other people. The other people were not mad but gave us the their things with no problem.

I am straight. In the dream I

I am straight. In the dream I was having a homosexual kissing experience with another man who I don't like. He is my ex wife's partner. At the same time there were people playing billiards beside us. One guy I work with was playing while sitting on a chair. Weirdest dream I ever had in my life

I am straight. In the dream I

I am straight. In the dream I was making out with my ex wife's boyfriend who I don't care much for but get along with for the sake of the kids. At the same time there were people playing billiards beside us. One guy I work with was playing while sitting on a chair. Weirdest dream I ever had in my life.

I was in the car with two

I was in the car with two versions of my friend Sophia: one was very playful and funny and laid back, the other was more stuck up and cautious. Only the laid back one was named Sophia, the other one did not have a name. No Name was driving, Sophia was sitting in the middle in the front, and I was sitting in the passenger seat. I had my feet up and Sophia was playing with them. So I said Put my toes in your mouth, and she said ok! in a very cute and playful way. She started to suck on them very sensually and it turned us both on, even the no name, though she refused to let it distract her from driving. Later though, she couldn't control herself and started to suck on them too. Then they noticed I had a boner and I said Do you want to suck my dick? to the no name and she looked at me a little angrily and said You want me to put your... penis in my mouth? then I strategically turned the conversation around by saying No, I simply asked you if you wanted to put my penis in your mouth, and then she shut up until we got to my house. When we got to my house, I don't remember if we had any more sexual activities (we might have made out a little) but I went up to my room to get my bong so we could all smoke marijuana and Sophia texts me saying that she was still high and that she didn't want to smoke just yet. So I went downstairs to where the kitchen table is and sat down on the toilet to poop. Sophia and No Name were sitting on the couch watching what was called good Mtv which was good quality programming on the Mtv channel. As I was pooping my brother started to unlock the door to come home. I was naked so I threw a towel over myself and had an innocent conversation with him while trying to wipe my butt at the same time. When I was done, I went into the tv room but the two versions of Sophia were not there! Instead, my brother was just telling me about this good Mtv and that I should watch it. I looked around my house searching for my two sexy companions, until I went to rite aid to buy some stuff. When I got to rite aid I saw playful Sophia and my acquaintance Michelle, who is in my grade. They were both wearing a black tank top and jean shorts. They both looked so beautiful bThey didn't see me and for some reason I didn't say hi to get their attention. I saw them later in the checkout line and then I said hi. Doing a little shopping? I asked and they said yeah. Then I woke up.