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We were outside of a party/concert and

We were outside of a party/concert and a police officer said "I need some help over here" then the police officers started running and they ran through fire and eventually we saw that there were dozens of dogs stuck in a tree. There was some sort of smoke or gas, because all the police officers became high and didn't know how to get the dogs down, so the people from the party started helping, and we all became high too. Once all the dogs were safe, we went back to the party. I was still a little bit high, but I went back. Since everybody was high, everybody was out of it. But I felt like I was a little bit in control, but not very much. I felt like I could handle it though.

I try going to sleep but i

I try going to sleep but i can't and it soon becomes morning time, nervous that my dad sees that i pulled an all nighter. Standing on my bed in my house, seeing a big fire with a smoke cloud expanding. I try to look where it came from remain calm. I look down the eindow and see my dad sitting on the floor talking on the ohone when a small circular fire starts and he and a few neighbors with my cousin burn it out.

Im on a boat and we're watching

Im on a boat and we're watching a movie in a cinema, then my friend just got up and began to smoke in the ailse. I told him not to do that because he would get thrown out off the boat, but he kept on smoking anyway.



There was earth breaking all around me

There was earth breaking all around me as I was running. Looking to save my family there was lava spewing up from the ground. There were balls of fire raining down as far as I could see. Devestation and smoke were everywhere. As I ran I saw shelter. It had a giant entrance with large white pillars, and upon entering I saw a simple wooden desk. The desk was unattended and held one small pencil and a large book. As I approached the book, I felt it was of great importance to my saving. I stepped in front of it and a figure dressed in white appeared. He said to me in a language I did not know, "recite le Vatican". I felt lost and confused, not knowing what to say, yet as though he read the confusion of my mind, he vanished from my path, permitting me to pass. As I walked past the pillars and into the large building I had to walk down a flight of cement stairs. At the bottom I had to enter into a stall, almost like a private stall, but with nothing in it. When I entered I felt a deep sense of doom come over me. I was afraid, and sensed danger. As I stood entering the stall I saw what appeared to be bile running under the stall next to me. Without hearing, my mind heard that an angel in grey had pierced the side of another, and that was their fluids gushing out. I turned to leave and as exiting the stall there was a long mirror to pass. I saw myself in the mirror all I saw was an angel dressed in black behind me, There were flying black spirits above my head, swooping toward me and I was awakened out of my dream.

My friend Sara and I were sitting

My friend Sara and I were sitting on the mountains and all of the sudden I wanted to take a picture of the sky because it was so beautiful and as I was taking the picture this plane is coming and so I'm waiting for it to pass so I can get a picture but it ends up getting closer and closer and it ends up crashing and I thought that it the sky so much prettier because it had the dark pink and orange and then grey from the smoke but it was so scary at the same time. And then the plane exploded and somehow the debris was sent so far that it hit me and it was this giant fiery hunk of metal but after it hit me I just stood up and was telling people how I saw that plane crash and explode and tried showing them the burn marks that I could feel on me but the marks weren't showing. And the last part I remember of it was asking Sara to send me the pictures I took.