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I fell asleep. In my dream I

I fell asleep. In my dream I fell asleep and upon waking my deceased father was on the couch holding his head. I said omg daddy! And he said now is not a good time. I told him it's never a good time and he said no. My mother was there also and she said that my fiancé had been working at the house next door, became sick and was taken to the hospital. My fiancé had a heart attack a year ago. I became mad. At that point I woke up and immediately texted my fiancé at work.



We started of at a theme park,

We started of at a theme park, we ended going in a really fast and high ride, I know there was something up between me and my boyfriend we seem offishbwith each other, my mom kept telling me it was in my head but as soons as she went he goes over to his text and ignores me

I was walking home after school and

I was walking home after school and saw fifth harmony so i followed them to their concert and was there with two of mt friends. they sang one song then left and other random people sang songs and i was upset. i snapchatted a lot of it. i texted my dad telling him where i was and he came to pick me up

My ex boyfriend's best friend sent me

My ex boyfriend's best friend sent me a text about college and then I stood up and went to my sister's room and smoke a cigarett. Next I was in some game where I had to match the size of ice and it was dark. When I won, me and my two friends were chased by tongues and we had to jump off a ship to get to a boat. Another boat was coming my way so I ended up choking a little. I asked a guy who saved us to paint me because he is an artist and I got to an island. I climbed to the gate, which i opened and i saw a garden of vegetables. I started walking toward the other side and all the people were staring at me. next i was in a house and i exited to see a large amount of cats. I started searching for my rabbit and found a white one, and then mine. my rabbit killed a cat.

Shane texted me, after telling me he

Shane texted me, after telling me he doesn't want to be friends anymore because i want more then a friend ship.. now he keeps popping up in my dreams and he sends me texts in the dreams of have fallen for me and that's why he needs to keep his distance.

Me and my friend were at this

Me and my friend were at this random place showering, she was in the shower with her boyfriend. as i showered, i noticed there was a large group of people who could see me from the wall behind me, and i immediately felt uncomfortable. then my friend and i were walking down the street by the ocean, until we saw my other friend. as we approached closer to him, we noticed his car being towed, but he never told us why. i began to walk further down the street by myself until i thought i was standing in front of my ex boyfriends house. seconds later, a group of boys walked past, which i ignored. i heard a sniff, and then i looked down at my phone, and i had a text from my ex boyfriend saying, "you cant say hi?" i said, "wait," and the group of boys turned around. my ex boyfriend saw me and was talking to me until he pulled me into a hug and seemed as if he was about to kiss me. in that moment, a different car pulled up, and we all got in. i sat in the back seat and he sat in the passenger. we sang along to a song about getting back together together.