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I was sorting a pile of very

I was sorting a pile of very wet pool towels (I have a pool) that had been used and left around. My mother was there, but she has been dead for the past 6 years, in real life. Then I was sleeping in my bed with my mother and the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and it was a male that I went to high school with thirty plus years ago who I have never really had a relationship with. For some reason it scared me to see him through the glass in the door and I screamed DADDY and woke myself up. My husband also woke uo and said I had screamed. Something that might be a clue to this is we are considering moving.

At my grandparents, no fence on patio

At my grandparents, no fence on patio where there really is, no dog fence around yard like there really is, I go out to the rope there used to be in the tree in the back yard and climb up where my feet are about four feet off the ground. I look into the field next to their yard where I see seven bouncing indistinguishable dots. I cannot tell what they are until they're about thirty yards out, and then I see that they are wolves with glowing red eyes. I run for the house, but my body seems to weigh a million pounds. I get to the house and shut the glass sliding door just in time.