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I had a dream I was at

I had a dream I was at work and my mother facetimed me, she was frantic and said my son had been stung by bees, I told her to bring him to the hospital and than she started crawling away, I saw my son struggling to breath and swelling up, I screamed at her to call 911 and I woke up

Drempt I visited my niece and her

Drempt I visited my niece and her husband and child in Australia. When I got there I also saw my mother who has Been dead for almost 11 years. I hugged her like it was normal to see her and she asked why I was here and I told her I was visiting Sami and wanted to play with My nephew. She was very content.

I am always talking to my sister

I am always talking to my sister on the phone. We were discussing the classes we are taking this fall. We were exchanging stories about our instructors. She asked what Medical Terminology book I used and I told her Lafleur. I asked her what hers was and she said it's a short course with no flash cards and it's blue. All of a sudden she hands me a thick ,big, bright yellow book hard copy medical terminology book. It was nothing like what either of us was using. We laughed so hard. It was nothing like what either of us was using. I kept telling her you have to have flash cards and take them everywhere you go. I love her laugh.

We were in an open construction place.I

We were in an open construction place.I dreamt that the bishop's wife had terrible diarrhea and she could not hold any more.She wanted to relieve herself just there.I told her that she could not do that in the open but she was under pressure.In the end, she ran into a nearby makeshift toilet near the bush to relieve herself.Behind the makeshift toilet were very small village huts.

I had a dream that my sister

I had a dream that my sister went to cedar point with her dad, and the roller coaster went off of the tracks. At the time I was staying at my dad's house and I woke up at 3 a.m crying. I immediately called my mom and told her i needed to talk to my sister right away.

In this dream, I was skipping school.

In this dream, I was skipping school. For a short while and me and jared were walking and I forgot something so I told him to keep walking ..and I walked back to my house and I had a gun with me. And these 3 little boys were making sexual comments to me so I pushed one of them down cussing them out in Greek. I come home to find these three black guys running from the direction of my house and they started yelling sexual things to me as well and so I pointed my gun at them and they ran. So I come home, and the front door is broken open...and there's cigarettes in ashtrays in the dining room and kitchen. So, I call the police but they couldn't do anything. So I called the office people to fix the door so I could make it back to school. I couldn't find their number so I walked to the office and nobody was there. I come home to find this girl passed out on my couch with the TV on and cigarettes burning.  So I slapped her and said what are you doing? She starts yelling at me. I told her to get out of my house and I smash her head into the ground and I try to hold her down before the cops come and the office people. So, instead of doing it this way, I began to be gentle with her.  I asked her why she does this and if she doesn't change her ways, her life with be crap. And then Andrew came and we kind of chilled and gave that chic a home to sleep in

My wife had an extra set of

My wife had an extra set of legs and a penis hidden that I didn't know about I found out and it was very upsetting then I was on a bridge where people were sharing problems in relationships a woman shared with us then I told her about my wife then there was a big dinner table with lots of us were sat at a man befriended me and we went out on the piss.

My mom and me where at a

My mom and me where at a store and she wanted something but it was too expensive. then a man comes up to us and steals it for us prompting my mother to talk to him and they end up dating. He was a nice man and he ended up moving in with us with his daughter. But things changed when him and my mom started fighting. They would scream and yell at each other even getting into physical fights. Every time I would step in to help slapping him and hitting him. I also intervened when he would hit my brothers and his daughter. He was terrible to my mother but everytime I stood up for her she would take his side. Then one day we had a party many people were invited even my favorite band. But the man threatened to kill everyone if they didn't go and hide. He shot a bullet in the air and everyone dispersed. Once he found somone he would shoot them and impale them displaying them outside for all to see. He did this for hours. I decided to see if my favorite band had been killed so I go outside to look. There was many impaled bodies outside but none of them my favorite band. I go back inside and tell my mother that they were no where to be found. But she insisted that they were dead. I even told her that I looked both inside the house and outside but still no sign. However she still insisted that they must be dead. And then I woke up