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I saw a dream that I was

I saw a dream that I was in the woods and I was ready to shoot a movie. I was waiting for the directors and other actors. A blonde woman came and she said me to not follow her but wait. As I was waiting the lights went off. I heard some people, then my best friend came. The people told me to come later and I went to the opposite direction with my best friend. As we were walking down the road, a pair of brown eyes appeared in the sky, watched us and then they moved away.

I was at the pier in st

I was at the pier in st Augustine with my ex crush that I still like but we saw like all of this garbage but it was like broken toys and water guns and just old kids stuff pretty much and didn’t think anything of it and we left and then I went back a little later by myself and I was picking up the garbage and this scary man came up and picked up one of the water guns but then it all of a sudden was a real gun so I hid behind a concrete post but he could see me so I kept ducking to hide and he was talking to himself so he was distracted and forgot I was there and then I saw my different ex boyfriend from a distance walking towards me and I waved at him to stop him and the man heard him coming so he started yelling at me and then Holden turned into a cop and was trying to get him to drop the gun and telling me sneak away slowly and then I heard a gun shot and I woke up and I was terrified cause I don’t know who got shot

I had a dream as if a

I had a dream as if a young girl was writing to the boy that I like and that I have been in contact with before, but at the moment we are like on a break or contact scheme. Once I laughed when I saw the girl writing to him, then I felt like she was his cousin because I felt the presence of her parents. The situation happened as if I was walking or moving on the road. Then in another situation, the dream continued and I saw as if this boy I liked was next to me, he looked happy and I was the one who was loving him, caressing him, while on my left side I felt the presence of my father. Afterwards, I don't know why, but I felt a sense of danger and asked where is this boy? Don't be in danger and in the end I realized that the person who was in danger was that young girl you had a dream at the beginning. The interests were more situations and feelings than I have seen as an example of danger. He explains my dream.

I dreamed that I was going to

I dreamed that I was going to work, hunting demons and at the end of my shift (around 7 at night) a demon attacked me and I was left naked in the street walking disoriented and alone towards a hospital where there was a party, a colleague from work he gave me his coat and tried to cover me during the way, when I arrived at the hospital a doctor who was drunk and seemed to know me well treated me. He gave me shorts and I put them on, he offered me beer and I drank until I got drunk when I woke up I was almost completely alone and there was no light at all in the hospital, a girl was caressing me and when she realized I woke up she moved away from me ( only there was no light in the hospital) when I got up to leave I walked disoriented because I was still drunk and then the girl came up to me and helped me walk towards the exit (in the course of this it started to rain) and at the entrance of the compound there were a shadow that was familiar to me. when we approached the Gate (which was completely open and abandoned I saw the face of the person and it was my grandmother (she was throughout my distant childhood and she did not treat my mom well) she offered me decent clothes and a car to take me home, the The girl who was helping me without thinking rejected her and told her to leave and that it hurts me, so I angrily told the lady that I don't want anything from them and asked her "why are you so worried about me?" perhaps now that I'm better, do you think I need them?", she answered me with a simple "No", the girl then told her 'go away and don't bother him again, he is a very good person, he always cares about others and always she strives to improve" then I managed to see the face of the girl (and it turned out to be the girl from 16 of my other dreams with whom I had a mishap that is my responsibility and for that reason we stopped talking even though I apologized to her) when she It was my grandmother, I bent down and began to cry inconsolably and cursing her and all my paternal family, the girl tried to comfort me, I yelled at her and told her that she would leave me alone, she gave me a hug and kissed me on the mouth crying and everything this while it was raining with the force of a hurricane, so she ran away crying; and he left me alone I turned around for a moment he saw me and said through his tears "I wish you good luck" I walked very slowly up a hill and when I finished walking I arrived at what seemed to be my house I lay down at the foot of one of my apple trees that were producing fruit and the apples were a beautiful reddish-green color (I do have 2 little apple trees in my house, but they are quite young) from my house while it was still raining very hard. apple trees are very symbolic for me, they represent my acidic and not very warm childhood on the paternal side and sweet and comfortable on the maternal side, also my maternal Great-grandparents were extremely poor and ambitious farmers of Goat's Milk apple trees and potatoes. and in reality, whenever I am near an apple tree I feel peace, nostalgia and I am proud of my maternal family

So I dreamed that I was getting

So I dreamed that I was getting ready to go to a party, for some reason I even "packed" for it and left home. When I got there, I heard that many people had left and when I went upstairs, the whole floor was glowing red. 6-7 elderly men were sitting right by the stairs, they looked dark and were drinking. When I passed by, there was a huge mattress on the floor behind them, and a dozen people were lying on it. I stood next to them and looked at them and suddenly my boyfriend appeared who was lying on the mattress all the time, he was covered for a short time but I saw that he was naked together with all the people who were lying there. I recognized the girl he was with and started to argue with the boy, but he didn't seem to care, he didn't care. Crying, I started to pack and leave that place. When I got out, I was relieved, I started to go back to some small "island" surrounded by a lake, I associate it with my cottage on the lake that I have. When I swam across the water and climbed to the island, I saw 5 "guards" walking around it and it was much easier for me, I felt like I knew that they were watching over me and waiting for me to come back. Then I threw all those things I was carrying, that "burden" on the ground because I knew I was safe together with those bags I was carrying. As soon as I threw that load on the ground, I suddenly flew towards "my" house, which was not far from there. In the end, I tried to enter the house through the window on the second floor, which was open, but its blinds were too low, so I entered the terrace door, which was also open, but the blinds were raised higher, all this while I was flying .... When I woke up, I thought about that dream, how I felt safe, confident and happy when I left my boyfriend and came to my "home", which looked like a fantasy, along with the island it was on.

My ex is trying to kill me

My ex is trying to kill me & current bf with a rifle seeing us walking home from work. he starts chasing us while trying to kill us. He shoots bf first. I yell out to get down, ex missed shot to bf head by an inch as result. Ex shoots & hits me while I call for help. laying on ground, police car speeding towards me and bf jumps out, start to run toward me. That’s when I woke up. Bf in dream is only friend in life but been wondering how to tell when to advance too relationship stage, and also nervous to do so after multiple very abusive relationships(couple were life threatening)

Ronald Mcondald was outside walking, and then

Ronald Mcondald was outside walking, and then cracked his head at me. I was looking through my bedroom window, and then got teleported outside.I could feel the ground and the wind, and the clown started chasing me. It felt so real, and then I was teleported back into my bedroom. I didn’t move, nor breathe, but I could hear breathing behind me. I turned to see the clown, smiling at me. He looked at me as some creepy music started playing, and his eyes went from normal to white, and then pushes me underneath my bed. It all got silent. It started again, only this time I heard footsteps, and then the clown out one hand down, then the next, and cracked his head toward me.” Try again buddy.” Then it felt it I fell, and woke up screaming. This has happened for 2 nights, the exact same thing.

I was walking with the President of

I was walking with the President of my current country like we are safeguarding him on our way he ask me to kneel down and l did then he prayed for me but l never had his words during prayer