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I dreamed about going into a family

I dreamed about going into a family wedding. Where, I have my whole family and cousins. I had so much fun and this wedding was something I didnt even expect to go because it was in an other country.

I was planning my best friend's wedding.

I was planning my best friend's wedding. My friends and I were planning a trip to Pakistan to do all of the shopping. Then, it fast forwarded to a few days before the wedding where we were doing dance rehearsals. And it ended.

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I was at a party but looked

I was at a party but looked like a wedding. I saw a lady hugging a snake and I spoke in Arabic to my sister telling her I'm scared of snakes. all of a sudden the snake came around me and bit my arm. then the snake turned into a human. she was a tall, dark skin looking woman wearing a scarf

Seeing mangalsutra in dream means (a hindu

Seeing mangalsutra in dream means (a hindu sacred wedding neclace) i had a dream in which someone is pointing out my mangalsutra and saying it is weared out..