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Was in my room in the attic,

Was in my room in the attic, sitting on my bed. I turn my head and see a baby dragon jump in through the window. The Dragon was purple with lime green spots. It ended up growing bigger and uglier until it was bigger than my house. Then me and my brother moved to a hotel and joined a crowd of random people to catch the dragon. We followed it to the pool where their was a net over the pool and the dragon landed on the net, catching it and we accidentally made it drown and I cried

I was helping someone with some water

I was helping someone with some water when i accidentally sprayed it on my pants. the next thing n know i was in my class and the people behind me kept on laughing at me and it was because of y pants so the they got louder and louder until i turned around slang y fists on their table but i was in shock and tried acting like it was a joke. They where confused and surprised.

Most of the dream was me either

Most of the dream was me either trying to avoid being killed or arrested, but I kept accidentally getting into situations that would get me in trouble. There was a hot sauce bottle that turned out to be a murderer and I poured it in the sink then went to break the bottle outside before it killed us but there was a guy driving by yelling that he was going to kill all of us. So I got on the floor and he yelled “even you losers on the floor.”

Was at a house where i used

Was at a house where i used to live with a ex boyfriend, i dont know what was going on, just that we were splitting up. next thing i remember from this dream is sitting at a busy intersection in my car and making a right turn. but i was off the side of the road in the grass somehow. some people came to help me but all i had to do was back up. next thing i know im sitting in the back seat of a car some man is driving and ge hit side swiped another car. the man from the other car gets out and asks me for my info like i was being blamed for the accident damaging his antique german car.