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Was at a house where i used

Was at a house where i used to live with a ex boyfriend, i dont know what was going on, just that we were splitting up. next thing i remember from this dream is sitting at a busy intersection in my car and making a right turn. but i was off the side of the road in the grass somehow. some people came to help me but all i had to do was back up. next thing i know im sitting in the back seat of a car some man is driving and ge hit side swiped another car. the man from the other car gets out and asks me for my info like i was being blamed for the accident damaging his antique german car.

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I got into a car accident and

I got into a car accident and was hurt badly wit glass pieces in my back and shoulders the pain felt so real

I was driving my car through new

I was driving my car through new haven at night with my friend in the passenger seat and a stranger in the back seat. I pulled over on a quiet street and fell asleep by accident. When I woke up my car wouldn't start and I realized I had parked horizontally across the road.

I walk to the public pool. I

I walk to the public pool. I go to swim, but it's a pool of souls that have died by being dragged to the bottom. The rule is, you can't touch the souls or they will drag you down and your soul will be added to the mix. I get into the pool and I accidentally touch a soul, they grip onto my ankle and I reach up to ask my dad for help, he's just out of reach and I get dragged down, I wake up right before I die.

I was alone driving my car in

I was alone driving my car in daylight but was falling asleep as if I had been drugged. My eyes closed, and despite all attempts I could not open them. I hoped that I could make it to the shoulder of the boulevard without having an accident. I made it and no longer felt the need to open my eyes or stay awake. After a few moments, some friends came to the car with items from the store and casually and got in the car. I was full of anxiety but glad that there was no tragic outcome. What is so interesting is that I had this dream New Years Day about 8AM during daytime hours, something that has never happened before. What gives?

Oh my gosh in another part of

Oh my gosh in another part of my dream there was a drinks machine that served only water and milk but I couldn’t get it to just serve water. It would run milk when you first push the lever and then turn to water after a few seconds but if you accidentally let go of the lever and repush it, it goes back to milk so I kept getting a mix of milk and water which I didn’t want. So I changed the setting to a higher one for just milk bc if I’m gonna get milk might as well just get milk but it was going so fast that it was churning butter into my cup. So I never got a drink