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at a grocery store and someone I

at a grocery store and someone I know walks past, it then changes to me being at a psychic apartment, but it was considered my apartment. then the phone rings and on the other line is the boy who had passed me in th grocery store. he says "hey, I'm high off my ass, and you're the hottest bitch ever!" I start freaking up and he hangs up before I can say anything. I tell my father who appears as a bird with his human head, who says negative things about the guy in spanish

I woke up in Ross's apartment with

I woke up in Ross's apartment with a half-empty bag of chips in one hand, and I could hear Ross's xbox still going, but Ross was passed out with the controller still in his hand. I got up and started to stretch, when I heard something. Fast footsteps, but with slower, heavier footsteps behind them. The faster ones started to get even faster, until they were full out sprinting, but the heavier footsteps remained the same. Ross's apartement is in deep Osborne village, so it's normal to have people being loud at weird hours, but this time it was different. It sounds like the stupidest thing I've ever said, but you know how you learn your parent's footsteps before they come to your room? Or when someone enters your house and you know exactly who it is? The footsteps sounded like them. I hadn't heard them in so long. I carefully got up, making sure that Ross didn't wake up. I ran up the stairs, noticing that it was still dark outside, and got blinked a few times so that I could see. I found that the place was different at night – it looked more vintage. I tripped across the carpet, and a red light flashed in the reflection of a painting. I felt my heart skip a beat, and I looked closer to the red light in the reflection. I supposed that it was the reflection of the fire alarm, but then. Well, I heard a crash behind me, and when I turned around I felt myself being pushed to the ground, and a broken down pick-up truck, and I got pinned beteen the wall and the car. A girl walked out of the car, the same one, from the painting before. She walked up to me, trying to get out from between the car. She looked at me, in the eyes, I think, it was pretty dark, and then she lifted my chin. She mouthed the words, “I'm so sorry I had to do this” but I heard the words “16:00 408 HARBISON NEW.” And the 9 year old girl stroked my hair until I passed out.

I was spending time with a girl

I was spending time with a girl (pro skater- leticia bufoni)she was smiling and pleasant. I felt happy and excited. She seemed to smile bigger every time she looked at me. I felt as if the two of us had been doing that " I like you , I know you like me, but no one will make the first move " So sitting on a curb out side my apartment (current) we chatted about my current gf. She said things like "your girl must be so happy" "your girl must be beautiful" In my dream I actually acknowledged this and a lucid dream began. (Or vivid - the one you can control) I said to l.b. "The two of you could be paternal twins" She then started to blush and smiled so big. Giggling she said something, I don't remember what was said but I remember the feeling. She did that girl screech when they get really giddy and then the dream began to procced. My choice of words , was actually my choice "Maybe the three of us could all be together" l.b. Became so giddy and happy. She reached down into a puddle of water to grab her white dog (no distress in the animal or leticia, both just giddy and excited. She then passed the white dog to me an I carried it inside (cute white dog) We then started walking back towards my apartment and my dream cut to a new scene. In my apartment now I was with a friend (male) my gf was a bit agitated about my dream.(I felt I had told her about the dream and was discussing it with my gf and male friend(whom I'm not sure) I remember a feeling of knowing the disscussion was a dream but feeling awake. Trying to describe a million things and reasons why I had the dream about l.b. (I know a bit about dream interperatation) she seemed to calm down and by the end of this waking dream inside my first dream, my gf seemed to be coming around to either the idea of us all bein together in a relationship (not a horn dog, I'm a lover, so much emotion and love to give) or just not feeling threatened any more. My dream cut again to a new scene Sitting with leticia I became excited , smiling. We seemed to be at a skate park but just sitting. My dream shortly ended. I don't remember what was said. But I do remember a feeling of success, if my feelings could talk"it's working lmao" I remember feeling so happy. Like Dating your first gf that feeling that you get from your first relationship. I remember feeling light chested. Breathing seemed to take concentration. As if the beauty was so enveloping I had to focus on my berthing to keep breathing. I would love for this dream to mean exactly what I saw. But I know it probably doesn't. I've had dreams about people dying and woke up to find out they had died about the same time I was dreaming. If someone could help me out with interpretation, for an external viewpoint, that would be great. Thnx A. B.

I was at my best friend's apartment,

I was at my best friend's apartment, and him and I were just hanging out. I walked out of the room and when I came back his friend from back home who he still has feelings for was there in the bed with him. She had her head on his arm and they were cuddling. I got angry but he told me to join them. So as I got in the bed to lay next to him like she was, he pulled me closer then turned to spoon me. Next thing I know his friend is gone and him and I are alone and cuddling without clothes on.

I first started at my old school

I first started at my old school with some of my old friends. Then a car crash occurred and people were hurt and so my mother and I helped them. We took them back to the school, the school of which I've dreamt many times before. Then it switched over to some boy mall dorm or something, kind of like a big apartment but only for guys. I remember one of them were gay. The others weren't as so was myself. Yet in the dream we all became gay and began to have sex with each other. Then I had a dance with a small group of guys and girls.

I've had the dream twice in a

I've had the dream twice in a row. I'm looking out the apartment window from a dark bathroom and it is the middle of the night. Below me is a fenced off balcony, a stretch of free air, and a high concrete platform. I see the shadows of circus animals in the distance, and then a clown walks forward. He is wearing a creepy mask, and I feel like he looks right at me. At his side there is a zebra, and he's leading it to the edge of the concrete platform. The zebra reaches the raised portion at the end of the platform, steps up, and is ordered to start walking. I watch it slip and fall down into the open air. When I look up in shock after witnessing a zebra's death, the clown is wearing a normal mask. And he is staring right at me. Afterwards I run into the hallway, yelling for someone to call 911.