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So i had a dream about me

So i had a dream about me and a friend (I don’t remember the friend) being stabbed by an aboriginal woman. We were waiting at a train station, and an aboriginal woman approached and asked for a cigarette.. just as I pulled out the tin I keep cigarettes in, she popped out a knife (you know how you have the knives that flick out with a button), and then began to stab my mate first, then me. She stabbed me atleast 10 times, each stab I felt.. The piercing of the skin, the tenderness of my muscle and organs as she pushed the knife deeper into my body. I felt the cold blade. (This knife blade was atleast 20cm long, about 5cm wide, .5cm thick). I felt her pull it out and go for another stab. It was in slow motion, but also in real time. After she had finishing stabbing me and my friend, I left my friend to deal with their own wounds, I don’t even think I called an ambulance. I just walked away. After I had started walked away I started feeling around for where I had been stabbed. Below my collarbone, multiple stabs to my abdomen, along with ones piercing either side of above my hipbones. I had found a quiet place to sit, and I began to open the wounds and look inside, sticking my fingers in to open the wound as far as I could. I think I tore a few wounds open further aswell. I kept fiddling around inside, feeling what I could feel with my fingers. I was drenched in blood. I then passed out. Then I woke up, in panic. I freaked out and rubbed my hands all over my body, wondering if it was all true. I checked under my collarbone and I looked and nothing was there..

I am so scared that I had

I am so scared that I had this dream. It was absolutely terrifying. I am so horrified right now, and I beg you for your help. I dreamed that I was with my dad. We were driving somewhere far away, perhaps to another town, and I had never been there before. We pulled up at a school, and I remember seeing a chain link fence, and a scoreboard, like the ones they use for sports. I got out of the car, and I knew that he was going to wait there until I was finished with whatever I was doing. I found myself in a library, but it was dark and people were screaming. There was so much death, there was a group of a few people killing everyone in the library. I suddenly was with my younger brother, and a man who I didn't know, but was a friend because of these circumstances. They went to go get help, and I don't know if I was supposed to follow them, but I heard them murdered with a knife, and I heard a choking sound as they died. I was in shock, and I felt nothing but grief for them. And terror for my own life. So I curled up on one of the shelves and pretended to be dead. One of the killers found me, and began talking to another killer. She started rubbing her hands along my side, and I thought that it was useless of me to play dead, and that she knew I was faking. So I opened my eyes, feeling so much fear. Then I found myself bound and sitting on the floor in between the aisles of books. The killers were all around me doing various things, and I knew I was the only one alive. I could tell they were preparing to kill me. I started sobbing, as being tortured is one of my greatest fears. I cannot describe my horror and absolute desperate terror. But I had given up, and knew there was no way I was going to escape. I continued sobbing, and the killers all came to me and tried to comfort me, saying they were going to kill me quickly. I felt comforted by this, but still felt myself clinging to life. Yet I had resigned myself to my fate. I then found myself sitting on a beige mat, the kind you usually see in the wrestling arenas. I was still bound, and sitting watching a small tv with the killers. We were watching a tape of the leader of the killers, and I remember knowing that these killers were a vast organization that no one knew about. As we were watching, the leader, who was old but still lethal and fit, was sparring with other killers. He swung onto the bars they use for gymnastics, but miscalculated, and crashed to the floor, in a sitting position. Everything around him turned black, but you could see him still. It was as if I was standing behind him, not looking through a tv screen. I watched all of his bones explode out of his body, forced out by the impact of his hit to the floor, yet there was no blood. I fellt horror at what i was witnessing, and deep revulsion. I was back in the room with the killers watching the tv. I saw the woman who had first found me cover her mouth and let out a strangled sob at the leaders death. She then turned stone cold, all emotion fled her face, and she turned to the killer next to me and asked him if he could "finish the job" meaning to kill me. He nodded. I then found myself being led through a construction zone, somewhere in the back of the building. There was a bunch of grey metal scaffolding set up, an I could hear saws and see sparks coming from someone welding. I saw men in bright green hospital suits walking up and down the cold grey metal scaffolding. I saw a group of 4 thugs leading a man out. The thugs were skinny, but tough an obnoxious in a sadistic, mentally insane way. The man was in a white hospital gown, and I could see blood dripping down it from several places along his torso and back. I remember feeling so intensely betrayed, as my killers had promised me a quick death when it was plain that they were going to torture me as they had this man. He seemed to have found a renewed strength, for he was at the end of his rope, and did not care if he was tortured. He only cared about not dying a coward, and not complying to these men. He stood in the middle of this noise and scaffolding, his thugs calling him a dog and telling the "dog" to come or they would hurt him more. I could tell that he was making this distraction so I could escape, and so that he could die with honor. I felt confident and dangerous and emotionless. I just let determination take over me, and I turned into a machine with just one sole purpose: to escape. I broke free from my killers, and I remember running down a white hallway with many doors. Two of the men in the bright green tries to stop me, but I hit them both in the throat with my forearm, stunning them and kept on running. I could tell that there were more following me, but I got outside and knew I had some time. I knew that they would not venture out of the compound, and that I had bought some time. I remember finding my dad in the truck, and must have told him what happened. He and I both had that emotionless determination, me to escape this place, and he to protect me. I jumped in the car and crouched down as he began to drive out of the school. I remember more chain link fences, and many school children and cars waiting to pick them up. One of the guards was a killer, disguised as a school security guard. My dad knew what he truly was, and leaned out of the window and told him if he wanted the agent, to phone him in the car two cars behind us. I knew my dad was trying to throw him off our trail, and the killer seemed to understand what my dad said, and went to interrogate the other car. We sped out of there, and I remember wondering how my father knew to say that. I thanked him for staying for me and being there for me, and I felt our bond as father and daughter grow to such a strength. We arrived at home, and I found myself in our dining room. It had white walls and a small wood table and chairs. I remember talking to my mother and father about what happened, and felt the old terror returning, but also a safety and comfort that I had from being back with my family and out of that place. I think my sorrow and fear and horror and terror all exploded out if me, for I screamed something, and found myself sobbing without control into my couch. I felt anger and such a deep sorrow and fear. I remember holding a swimsuit top and sobbing into it, it was olive green and had tiny flower patterns drawn into it. I remember sobbing into it, and I felt my mother behind me stroking my back, trying to comfort me, and I remember thinking to myself, wondering I I would ever get past what I had seen and felt. I awoke with tears in my eyes. I am so shaken by this, I am pleading to you for your help. Please help me understand. Thank you so very much.

I was at a reunion, there were

I was at a reunion, there were lots of elderly people around. I found some old friends from grade school, and we began talking. One of them said, "Well at least you aren't fat!", so I lifted my shirt and they were stunned because of my hip bones and ribs sticking out. My friend turned to an elderly woman on a walker, asking her what to do. The elderly woman on the walker took a quick glance at me, and replied, "There's nothing I can do, she won't be around much longer anyway."