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I had a dream Cardi C was

I had a dream Cardi C was chasing after me on a pink bicycle. He was singing, but I don't remember the song. He chased me until the sun came up, all the way to the beach, where the water looked gray, and a bit violent. It was a dead end, and I said, "Fine! I'll go with you! (on some sort of journey, which I was afraid of, because for some reason, I had thought, like in the book, Melmoth the Wanderer, if I agreed, I'd be damned for eternity.) Soon after a huge wave came and swept us back to my house (which didn't look like my house).

I was in a video game shooting

I was in a video game shooting at big monsters but then I realized I had a gun from a different game and the big monsters started chasing me

I had a dream once where i

I had a dream once where i was at my house with my mom and my cousin. We were all sitting in my moms office watching tv when we suddenly heard the front door open. I remember thinking this was odd because it wasn’t five o’ clock yet and thats when my dad gets home so we knew it wasn’t my dad. My mom said to go check it out so I did and when I got there I remember seeing this old lady with a long nose and was kind of short lady. I think she was a witch. Anyways, when I saw her I just remember my mom, cousin, and I just screaming at the top of our lungs because we didn’t know who she was and then she started chasing us and she caught my mom and cousin first. Then I ran around the house for quiet a while until finally she caught me then I woke up.

I was in the same setting as

I was in the same setting as my brother’s video game. It was in a very scary house, and it had dull lighting. I was trying to get out of the house because an old lady was chasing me. Every turn led further away from the door, or so it seemed. When I got to the front door, a bloody man told me to follow him because he would help me escape. I questioned him because he was right in front of my exit, but I followed him anyways. He led me right to the old lady, and right as she walked towards me, the dream ended.