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I dreamt about a couple finding three

I dreamt about a couple finding three children and bringing them back to their home. The home was huge, but mostly falling apart. The dream took place mostly in the sun room, kitchen, and outside of the house. There was garbage everywhere. Lots of piles of gross garbage. There were also animals of all shapes and sizes. Lots of dogs, cats, snakes, and one very large bird. The couple were mentally unhinged and already had three children of their own. They abused the children and treated them poorly. The father was sexually interested in his oldest daughter Emily, but could not have her. He murdered her and buried her body in a shallow grave in the landfill across the street from the house. The remaining children sneak out and find their sister's body. They resolve to run away. The come to what looks like another abandoned house, but this one is clean and functions like an orphanage.

do you know what one of those

do you know what one of those like old-timey robots are? well they're called automatons) creepy automaton children following me and one time I was running away from them and one of them which had a big and deformed stood completey still when I was looking at it but when I turned away and looked back at it, the automaton child was right in front of me and I started attacking and it started attacking me and then all of a sudden, this other automaton child that was missing half of his face revealing what looked the head of the FNaF 2 endoskeleton just without the ears or mandible (lower jaw) and missing the left eye and that was it.

I was in my bathroom and had

I was in my bathroom and had just gotten out of the shower. I was wrapped in a towel and my hisband and 2 boys were in the room with me. My husband said, "oh no! You are bledding." I looked in the mirror and said, "it's ok, it is just a red thread." I then wiped the thread off my cheeck and threw it away. Next, I flashed to the scene of a huge tragedy, maybe a plane crash or an earthquake. I could see my husband and children as well as my mom and sister among the huge crowd. My mom approached me and said, "where is the red thread?" I said, " I don't know. I threw it away. I didn't know it was important." She replies," that was the thread that held everything together. Now, what will we do?" I looked around at all of the faces, feeling helpless and then the dream ended.