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i was in greece or turkey w

i was in greece or turkey w dad cause of this troop or whatever cause he wanted us to just go one day randomly and lenore was around somewhere and like i wanted to call jill but i felt spoiled so i hid that i was there and then someone had a stroke during one of our shows and we called the ambulance but they started questioning us and were like you don’t have the right to try to save him that’s our job but they were all really old and not well trained medically also sam was there and there were these hurdle things and he couldn’t make it over them and we performed the show but the cast was all random old people

My brothers were about to get on

My brothers were about to get on a plane and when the plane took off it crashed. I ran to my grandmother's car, but then my brother Frank was already there in the backseat, and then my brother Noah came and had scars on his face and chest. I looked up at the sky and saw lots of moons and looked surprised. We got in the car and started driving and then it turned into daytime. Me and my brother was passing by a house and saw my dead grandpa waving at us and we looked at each other and shook our heads.