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My dad died 12 years ago. I

My dad died 12 years ago. I had a dream this week my mother who is still alive was downstairs in I presume their house, we had argued unsure what about . I then went upstairs to find my dad alive but cold sitting in bed even the walls were icy watching tv there were2 doors one locked I asked could I go out of the locked one he smiled I said put a jumper on

Elana came to be with me and

Elana came to be with me and then left, three separate times, we met in different places. I am in India, feeling free and happy. I am suspended in strange endless substance, like cosmos. There is a narrowing tunnel, a bright orange alien-looking creature is moving very slowly along this tunnel, putting his two elongated robotic legs one in front on another, it is pulling a large light blue semi transparent ball that is several times larger than itself, inside the ball there is tiny naked Elana in a microscopic size, she is looking very sexually aroused and I can feel she is very wet. We are at the end of the tunnel now, there are dozens of these blue balls there, in each of the balls there is a tiny naked Elana in a slightly different provocative pose, some are lying, some are reclining, some are standing, some are dancing. I notice barely visible holographic strings that connect me to each ball. I see a piece of cosmos through the window on the door at the end of the tunnel and also the end of another tunnel, maybe 10 meters apart and disappearing into the horizon while becoming thicker. I hear a rising sound, like electricity current, suddenly all the balls burst simultaneously and the door at the end of the tunnel opens, the door of another tunnel opens also and all the tiny Elanas jump to the other tunnel really quickly and disappear there behind the closed doors. I think the phrase “this is the nature of the reality”.

I was at a lodge or resorst.

I was at a lodge or resorst. There were many other people and it seemed that there was a contest or savage hunt of sorts going on. In this lodge certain amounts of money were placed throughout hidden in different places. Everybody was finding money. And every time I saw a prize from far off someone would get there before me. There was a grand prize hidden in the lodge which held the most money ever. No one could find it. I was looking around and at the entrance to the lodge I saw an object. I looked around to see if anyone saw what I was seeing. No one noticed. So I walked toward the doors hoping no one would notice. I knew it was a prize and i hoped no one got it nefore me. Everyone keep walking past it, but it was very noticeable. So I continued to walk towards it. I was soo happy that I got to the prize. When i pulled the envelope off the door it was the grand prize. I won all the money. I went upstairs and in a room I saw my mom and some of our family friends talking playing and having the time of their lives. I saw celebrity's like Jessica Simpson and nick Lachey. I was happy.

(disclaimer: this is descriptive but not like

(disclaimer: this is descriptive but not like in a sexual way) So it started off with her and I laying down right and we were at my house but it was a completely different house than my actual house and I was on my laptop and the mouse wouldn't work and she was laying right beside me and I tried to get it to work but it wouldn't and I got frustrated and she was on her phone but saw me and realized I was frustrated then I looked at her and I put the mouse down and I put my right hand on her the outside of her inner thigh and I remember us looking at each other and then it all faded then next thing I knew, we were at school but Zoe didnt pop up in this part of the dream, it was just me walking around the school and the school looked super modern and futuristic it was cool. but anyways, I start off in the cafeteria and I get up and walk up the stairs and I had Jan but everything was tilted like shifted to the right, horizontal and such it was trippy, so I go to the stairs and walk up to meet up with Julianne(whom I actually have Geometry with) so we meet and she's with Cory and Julianne says that Jan needed a stupid pass and is really passive aggressive about it, and ranting about Jan, but I however, don't say anything, but laugh and we all walk down the hallway together, to where you may ask? I have no clue but we all walk away side by side and everything fades to black again. After everything fades black, and I guess a new part of the dream is awakened, so do I. The black deceases and I woke up, back at my bed, wearing this nice grey t-shirt, with Zoe laying on my chest, trying to fall asleep. I look down at her and she is smiling at me as she runs her fingertips across my neck and pulls me closer to her. She runs her hands over my face, over my lips, we kiss, she lays back down, continuing her motions with her fingertips across my neck and my chest and it fades to black yet again. The black clears and I am back at the futuristicly modern school sitting in the cafeteria talk with you, Shania and 2 other people whos faces I couldn't make out. We are sitting there, you guys are talking but everything in my head goes silent and all I think about is Zoe as throughout the entire dream there is this narration of my voice talking about how beautiful she is, how much I loved her, how much she meant to me, etc etc and this rings out the entire dream whenever I or other people in the dream are not speaking except for in this case when the people around me are. I record the words that I hear in my head eluding whatever it is you guys are saying, going practically deaf to the conversation you guys are having and I get up, with the notes in my phone open, the date reading "February 23, 2016, and I get up and walk away and all I can hear is the sound of my own voice narrating my passion for her. As I am about to walk out of the cafeteria, I am abstractly scorned by Ms. McKinney, our 7th grade math teacher, but I do not hear a single word she has said as she goes on and on, all I can think about is the words in my notes and of course, Zoe. Once the scolding is done, the narration pauses for me to say "Okay" but quickly resumes after my speech and I shuffle around Ms. McKinney and continue walking out of the cafeteria doors happy as can be. It fades to black and I wake up but refuse to move in order to retain the details of the dream and here we are now. One of the craziest parts by far was that I felt everything. Every little thing in the dream I actually felt. I remember clearly, pretty much it all: me touching Zoe's thigh and the texture of her jeans, how the phone felt in my hands, when she touched me and was caressing me as I felt asleep, I remember it all, even how she looked at me, it all felt real

I went to a figure skating competition

I went to a figure skating competition and everyone thought I was a famous performer. Every time that I would try and ice skate, I would trip and fall. I got booed out of the ice skating rink and had to go change inside of the mall that was next to the rink. I changed into my clothes and left, but while I was walking to my car a lady ran up to me and handed me my purse and laptop case that I left in the dressing room. She walked away and I checked my laptop case to make sure that the laptop was still inside, but it was filled with tissue paper. I started going crazy and banging on all of the car doors in the parking lot looking for the lady that stole my laptop.

I had a dream where I was

I had a dream where I was at a restaurant with my parents, and there was extremely loud music that seemed to have bothered everybody. Aside from that, I had looked outside and noticed a group of small schoolchildren, not toddlers, but, big enough to understand the difference between right and wrong. I saw that they were lighting trees on fire, and I had immediately rushed to put them out. I then looked over, and saw a smaller group of kids go with one tall boy that held a gas canister. The children ran away screaming, and I ran over to examine the scene. I couldn't see a fire, but, I saw a traffic cone there, surrounded by police tape. I lifted the cone up, and underneath, was a cup of water. I saw the tall figure, and quickly became annoyed by him. I tried to splash him with my bucket of water, but, then I realized that it was gasoline. I also shouted how if he messes up in any form, he would be set ablaze. I saw that he had a smart fire already growing on his blue shirt, and he tried to remove it. I turned away from it and heard an agonizing scream. Which then afterwards, I received a text message that said he would need healing because, "his skin was melted off." Eventually, I remember being in a cramped hotel room, trying to escape something that was knocking at my door. I sluggishly ran towards a few doors, closing them behind me, and hiding inside of a closed closet.

I was in a barn I have

I was in a barn I have never seen before. There were haystacks, ropes, pitchforks, and other farm-tending equipment. As I looked around, I noticed stairs leading to a dark hall. It seemed I had nowhere else to go, so I decided that the creepy stairs was the right path to take. It was a narrow balcony that lined the inside of the barn. Nothing special was up there. Suddenly, I heard a rustling in the haystacks. I looked down and saw a beastly looking shadow. The shadow was becoming smaller and smaller then finally, a huge orange monster popped out under the balcony. I began running towards the huge barn doors and the monster chased me, following my every step. I thought I was going to die and my heart began pounding out of my chest. Then, I finally woke up.

I was at my Grandparent's house and

I was at my Grandparent's house and heard music coming from outside. I couldn't figure out where the music was coming from, so my sister and I went outside to see. It was coming from my Grandparent's garage. The garage doors were open but the lights were off and we couldn't see anything or anyone inside. All of a sudden, a squirrel ran out and several forest animals followed. I ran back inside and when I opened the front door a soldier was standing to my right. I could see through him. I said hello and he kept facing forward. I closed the door and turned around and saw my Grandfather standing there. He was smiling at me. His skin was wrinkleless and he looked young. He didn't move his mouth when he spoke, but I could hear him. He told me how much he loved me and missed me. He told me how proud he was of me.

I am driving in the suburbs. i

I am driving in the suburbs. i was kidnapped by this white middle aged man. i escape and run for help. everybody closes their doors and ignores me. the mans wife sees me and i try to run but i am going so slow.he catches me and keeps me locked in his garage.

Last night I dreamed there were two

Last night I dreamed there were two sisters; one was around five the other was about sixteen. The older one had dark colored skin (a few degrees darker than caramel, but not as dark as chocolate) with brown eyes and thick black hair that fell to her back. I never actually saw the younger one, but she had a presence. I was wearing this white dress with a ribbon around the middle. I was suppose to protect them both from a stalker, I think I was hired. The stalker had already gotten to them once and it resulted in the older sister getting raped and now he was trying to get to them both, whether to kill them or worse. Anyways, we were moving quickly to another safe house. When we got there we rushed inside because I thought we were being followed. Inside the House was almost all white, even the steps on the staircase (of which there was only one). There were no lamps and the only light seemed to come from a large window above the door we just entered. The light illuminated the wall we were facing which had only three things of note. One a staircase, which was also white to the point where you wouldn’t be able to see it without the shadowed outline of the steps. Two, a romanesque doorway with no door that was to the left of the staircase. Three, a white door at the top of the staircase. The only color was the floor, which was a glossy, rich deep reddish-brown wood. There was a banging from the door behind us and without turning around we ran up the staircase and through the door at the top. as the door swung shut I saw the Man and about twenty others, dressed as security personnel, siege the House. He was older and tall with salt with pepper hair and dark, glittering, eyes that were so dark you couldn’t tell where the pupil was. His face was lined, though not heavily, a little around the eyes and mouth. I saw a lot before the door closed. We faced another problem in the shape of three identical doors. We chose one at random and continued to flee through the House. Door after door after identical door we ran. eventually we came to a small room. It looked like a child’s bedroom, the walls were purple and pink and there was a twin bed covered with stuffed animals. There were two windows that I planned to be our escape. Before we could leave I had to go back and lock all the doors we came through. This was of vital importance in the dream because i thought it would buy us time. So I told the girls to stay put and back I went through the endless maze of doors, back to the first door. As I locked it, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and knew I didn’t have much time. So I quickly worked backwards hoping the locked doors would slow them down and I would have time to make it back to the girls and out of the window. One of the doors lead to a pale bedroom with a king sized bed and with a pair of french doors on one side that would serve as my shortcut. I turned my back to lock the door, but it took longer to lock because the hinges were loose so I had to lift the door to lock it. As I turned towards the doors that were to be my escape, I panicked… They were blocked. A white vanity covered my only other escape route. The top of the vanity was covered with small nick-nacks such as glass bottles, small statues, books, and jewelry. I didn’t know how it could have happened because a few minutes before the doors were unobstructed. I rush over to move it out of the way, knowing I spent too much time already because I could hear doors faintly crash open behind me. I notice that no matter how hard I pushed against the table it wouldn’t budge, fear seized me when I noticed it was bolted to the floor. I was confused and terrified. Confused because I didn’t know how the vanity could have moved there or how it could have been bolted down without me knowing; terrified because my only other means of escape was through the door I just locked. A chuckle filled the room. It was deep and cold and numbing all at once and what was worse was that it wasn’t from me. I turned to see the Man leaning against the frame of the door behind me. “What do we have here?” His voice was accented, British, I think. He sounded amused and curious, though, like I was some strange animal not behaving as it should. He approached me with swagger and nonchalance, knowing very well that I was trapped and well past the state of panic and barely keeping it together. I knew then what it was like to be a cornered animal; standing in front of him stock still, heartbeat rising along with adrenaline. While I was panicking he just smiled at me. It was a predatory smile and I slowly started backing away. I knew I could not go anywhere, he knew it too, and his smile widen when I ran into the vanity. the baubles on top jangled. When he got within arms reach and politely said, “Pleasure to meet you.” That snapped me out of whatever weird, hypnotic fear I was in and I reacted instinctively and impetuously. I reached behind me and grabbed statue from the vanity behind me. He was shocked and stumbled back. Using this to my advantage I foolishly tried to move the vanity. I heard a laugh behind me. He had recovered and was chuckling at my sad attempts at escape. I was still facing away from him and a sense of hopelessness washed over me. I felt him come up behind me and say, “Are you quite done?” I lowered my head and I felt his hand on my shoulder as he slowly made me face him. He took out this wickedly sharp knife and started playing with my dress. “Such a shame to ruin such a lovely dress.” The blade pierced the fabric at the back of the dress and I felt the cool metal graze my skin. I could not take it anymore so I turn around and tried to get as far away from him as possible. I made my way across the room hoping to unlock the door on the other side. I only got a few steps before my legs gave out and I sank to the floor. I sat there, holding what was left of my tattered dress to by body, as he walked around me. He crouched down and I looked up at him. I was so afraid I was tearing up “Please, don’t. Just please.” He just smile and touched my face, I tried to flinch but he held my head in place. “Come now, that’s enough of that.” he said, and he drew my face towards his and then… I woke up.