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I dreamed that i was at an

I dreamed that i was at an outside bar type place with friends and a geekie type guy asked me to dance he was extremely tall so tall that I hit is waist, we danced a little, there was another guy there that was 20 years to young for me that I had asked out previeously, he was not interested in me because of my age, but said that we could be friends and go to the star trek movies together. the tall guy brought me a gift bag to say thank you for the dance it had little things in it but it also had picutres of him, his home, family and stuff. he said that out of the girls there i was the most promising to be his girlfriend, before he sat down at our table i was decided to fly around but i was not flying as high are as with as much ease as usual.

I was in a hospital where a

I was in a hospital where a man was singing gospel music. One of my friends broke a little boys neck and there was something bad going on outside. then I started running and ran into 2 little girls and I asked them what was going on? Then I saw a black horse run across the end of the hallway and I turned around to run and I saw a white horse coming at me. I grabbed the little girls and hid in a closet with them as the horse was trying to break in the door. I started to pray and eventually they went away.

I was on the couch with my

I was on the couch with my two brothers when my sister a me in and asked me to babysit her daughter and her daughters friend. She told me to hang out with some adults who were also babysitting some children. We decided to go to Chuck-E-Cheese's, but it turned out to be a really crappy and nasty roller skating rink. We went to a apartment which turned out to be equally as crappy. We put the girls down for a nap and started exploring and found an aquarium room with mermaids. We were talking to the mermaids when some one told us they were lying and not to believe them so they began attacking us. We grabbed the girls and ran

3 friends came over to visit me

3 friends came over to visit me and my boyfriend. My boyfriend offered to walk one of the girls home, she wanted to go home, it was late and we'd all been drinking. While he was away my male friend joked about him, the other girl and myself having a threesome. The female friend's boyfriend hadn't been sleeping with her and she couldn't stand it, she shot me in the shoulder and stabbed me in the stomach. After she shot and stabbed me her boyfriend texted her telling her to come over because he was horny, she left and my male friend took me to hospital. I woke up a few hours later with her apologising for shooting me.

I am at a summer campground with

I am at a summer campground with a small group of girls that are my friends from school. It is daytime and we all share a cabin. We are watching the news on an old television set, and as the girls are distracted I see a long black car pull up from infront of the log cabin. I instantly know the man inside the car is trying to kidnap us, and I try warning the friends. When they see the car, they think it is smart to escape the cabin going through the front door where the car is parked. When I insist to exit from the back, they won't listen. I see the man come and grab the girls and shove them into the car. As hurriedly as I can, I run through the back and pass the other cabin where all the boys share. The car chases me as we follow down the cabins. There is huge amount of space from the girl's and boy's cabins to the parent's cabin, so as I run the long way to get to my mother at her cabin the car catches up. I finally reach the parent's house, panting, and my mom and my friend's mom are chatting at the driveway. I explain to my mother what has happened in a rush, and she ignores me at first. After multiple attempts she continues ignoring me, and finally when she answers she tells me, "Nothing is going on. It will be fine, it will be fine. Now stop bothering me and go back to your cabin." I start to panic and cry, and voices in my head keep repeating "It will be fine." I run as fast as I can back to the cabin while the car follows me. When I reach back to the cabin with the car chasing me, I enter the back door. All the girls are sitting on the green couch, watching the news. They seem confused. I look through the window at the front and the car is gone.