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It starts off at school. My best

It starts off at school. My best friend, Jade, was participating in a festival-like event so she was waiting in some sort of line. I was sitting outside at a table eating lunch, which was just a peanut butter sandwich and two bananas. I was eating with a male, named Cal. I know Cal in real life, but I don't talk to him much. It's a rarity if I do. Then another friend, Maddie, came over and sat with us. She is very girly opposed to Jade and I. She only had one item of lunch from the cafeteria and would get in trouble if caught like that. The school has rules that you must buy a drink at least with your lunch. I gave her my other banana so she wouldn't get in trouble. She then gave me a customized binder that she handmade with my favourite character from a web comic on it. Apparently I had already received one from her, since I said it, but she told me to just take it anyway. Which I did happily. I peeled the skin all the way off my banana and continued eating it because I wanted to hurry up and join Jade in line. I think Jade was calling my name so I went to go to her with my banana in which she said to just hurry up. When I got back to the table I randomly ran up and hugged Cal tightly and he hugged back. We both sat down, and I was very very joyful. So joyful that Jade came back and said I missed the festival/event and she was soaking wet and had on a free shirt. I didn't care because I was just hugged by Cal. I planned on telling her why I didn't mind later when we were alone, but that's when my dream ended.