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The dream started with me in a

The dream started with me in a souvenir shop for some kind of aquarium or zoo. I was by myself looking for a gift for either my mom or my dad when I noticed someone looking at me from some kind of back door. I started to walk over to the door and as I reached out to open it the setting changed to a shark tunnel where I was standing on a long treadmill and above me was a shark tank. I was looking up when all of a sudden a shark started to hit the glass underneath it and right before it shattered, the dream ended.

me, my fiance my mum my sister

me, my fiance my mum my sister and a baby and toddler were living in this flat that i didn't recognize, there was also a snake that was angry and kept trying to eat me and the baby, toddler and thenfully grown cat who was also there, who was my cat boris who died a few weeks ago, then they all fell asleep and i heard a knock at the door and i answered it and my biological sister sarah was there (i'm adopted' and she said "come with me, ali is waiting" so i went with her and i saw ali (my brother) standing in a car park next to a car, my real mum and dad and stepdad and my other three biological siblings got out of the car and my real mum carol then said "as a gift to you for being so grown up we have bought you a parking space" (i don't drive) so they led me to a parking space and they'd put baby photos of me on the walls, then i turned around and there were about 50 official looking men who all looked very sad, they told me my great great grandad had died and i had inherited part of his estate, £480,000 to be exact, i then followed ali to the lower level of the carpark where there was a pub, then i went back to the flat and the dream ended.