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Outdoors, it was a long view of

Outdoors, it was a long view of a grassy plain. Late afternoon. Storm clouds forming. I saw, in the middle of this plain, a herd of buffalo. Stampeding towards me. Odd thing. The stampede seemed to have flame or light sporadically coming out of it. I sounded a warning to another, who I did not see nor do I know. Almost angry at that person, I was. I was "inside" what could be a large terminal, or station - but it had no wall that faced the plain. It was totally open. I took cover on what would be a restroom stall against a wall, closing the aluminum door hoping not to be run over. The perpendicular wall to the stall was a tall wall of thick beveled glass - this is what the stampede would have to crash into. The sound of them stampeding got louder as they drew nearer. I was scared. But at the moment of what should have been impact on the beveled glass - there was silence. As if they had either disappeared or ran through it without a trace. Amazed at what didn't happen, I then woke up.

Me and my husband were sitting in

Me and my husband were sitting in a basement. I received a phone call from my mother. She was angry that I did not give her eye glasses back. She told me if I do not return her eye glasses that I will have bad luck on July 7. On that date I put the kids to bed. They were sleeping in bunk beds. My son fell off the top bed and cut his eye. Then my dad was an old man and he hit his head on a bar in the basement. I yelled at my husband to get him. Then I called my mother back on the telephone and ask her why is she wishing bad luck on me. She said because I will not return her glasses.

Amy pole her dies and everyone is

Amy pole her dies and everyone is sad. They pay tributes to her on a tv show which I'm witnessing live. The tv show has a segment where a guy uses animals for comedy. After the segment and touching tribute, a slug escapes away from everyone's attention. I try to revert the slug with an obstacle, but I give up and he escapes and tries to eat one of the other animals. I get the attention of the host and he freaks. My vision is blurry and i run into a basement to get my glasses. I'm running through this office building like basement alone, and scared because I'm the only one here and that freaks me out. I finally find my glasses and sprint terrified back up to the people and the dream ends.