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So Idk if I was driving a

So Idk if I was driving a police car or not but I was driving on the passenger side or shotgun. So I was at this house and for some reason, I was looking at some scarecrows. But then I think Selena Gomez, yes I know a celebrity was there. Burning down the house and we had to get all the animals out of there. Mostly chickens. I had this dream before and Some house I knew how t stop the house from burning down. So then once all the animals were safe and sound we went to our car but it was gone. And for some reason, we knew that the celebrity had taken it. So we were searching a car and well the only car that was there was the police car and my Dad for some reason he doesn't live with us anymore. and somehow my sister and brother appear out of nowhere. Took the car and we drove to these stores in which I can not remember. And so the police owner of the car and found us through his GPA and my dad was trying to talk to him but couldn't so I snatched it from him and talked to the police guy. and that's about it