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I start being at my grandmothers house

I start being at my grandmothers house we are sitting and eating chicken soup then at the front door I hear a lot weird honking I go to see what it is and I see there is filled up with hippie bus's and then armed ninja's with afro jumps out of them running towards the house and breaks the door I hide in a closet after some seconds I hear grandmother scream and then there's quiet then a ninja opens the closet after some second's and smash's my head into mush then i wake up

When I was younger, I constantly had

When I was younger, I constantly had dreams of being a Arch Angel sent to Earth by God. My task was to do something on Earth but the moment I went to Earth I forgot what I was suppose to do. I couldn't go back unless I did my task. So there I stayed on Earth for the rest of my existence. I lived the life of a human, wearing large coats to hide my wings, stealing food to survive. I looked like I didn't have a bath in a long time. I lived in a hold abandoned home high up in the mountains away from other people. A few years later I was found out by the humans, local media everywhere, scientists captured me, probed me, shoved tubs up inside of me, trimmed my flight feathers so i couldn't fly away, put a tub down my throat as a breathing tube, while I was submerged in a tank full of water as I slept. A month past as my feathers had grown back. Some how I managed to get out of the tank and pull away from all the tubs and needles that they had inside of me. I was naked and didn't have any clothes to wear but I needed to get out of that horrible place that I was in. I managed to get out but they were firing guns at me as I climbed out a window. I flew away as fast as I could. They were still firing there guns at me but I managed to escape. Once I had escaped I found a beautiful realm of some kind. The building was white, bright, with tall pillars. There were beds and cribs everywhere for the children that had passed away. I was standing there in a white dress and gold bracelets on. The kinds were all laughing and smiling, horses running around. It was like paradise, with nothing to worry about. Then all my dreams stopped. Few years later I had the same dream of this paradise world, but it was not the same. Not a sound from the children playing, not a sound from horses, and babies. The only sound that was heard was the wind. Dead, dried up leaves blew in and out of the room in and outside. Dust was collected on everything that I touched. It had been empty for so long. It was dark, miserable, and lonely for so long, it was as if no one ever lived here.

There was a Christmas party and someone

There was a Christmas party and someone knocked on the door. It was really sketchy so no one let him in. He tried two more times and then tired to break down the door. Everyone tried to hold it, but he started splintering the wood so we all scattered. I remember seeing him catch someone and beat them. He seemed to enjoy himself. I Was running all over the place and it turned into a game of hide and seek. I finally got to the attic and was hiding in a corner when I saw someone ascending the stairs. I knew it was the man who broke in and I tried to make myself smaller. It was no use he spotted me an sauntered over. He was tall with chin length blond hair, strait nose, light greyish blue eyes and flat/highish cheekbones. He was really polite and somewhere when he was introducing himself I stopped quaking and started becoming mad and uncharacteristically brave, so I made to get up and he pulled a gun and said "I'd rather you didn't" I remained kneeling and looked up definitely and said "do it." He pulled the trigger and nothing happened it clicked, I barely flinched, he laughed. Outside someone screamed and I heard sirens. The man looked worried for a second and then lunged at me. He sat me down on the floor next to him and held a knife to my back as my would be rescuers came up the stairs. They asked if we were okay and the man said, sounding scared and out of breath, "yes! We're fine." He dug the knife into my back and I agreed that we were fine. He pretended to be a victim and I was his cover story. The last thing I remember was a threat and him saying "Every Clyde needs a Bonnie"

In my dream I was standing in

In my dream I was standing in a yard petting and puppy then three men come in the fenced area and three angry dogs killing puppies in fence and I hide the puppy I was holding outside the fence then I leave out grab it and take of running as fast as I can

I look out the window and Caryle

I look out the window and Caryle is pushing a baby stroller (she looks about 30) and on her way into the house. I make an attempt to hide. People are in and out of the house and I want them to leave.

I'm at a party in my back

I'm at a party in my back yard, I go into the garage and something happens in garage and from what I know I was shot in the head…not known if accident, attempted murder or self-inflicted. Everyone is at a loss. I keep trying to talk, but no one can hear me…..except for Robert, he looks to be around 13. He and I are talking, then, I tell him I have to call Suzanne and tell her before she hears it from anyone else. She hears me fine on the phone and is very upset that I have been shot. I try to call the doctor’s office to get an appointment and they say I’m not due for one, even thought my Rx is expiring and the nurse on the other end, she then says it’s too close to your son's wedding. I look out the window and Caryle is pushing a baby stroller (she looks about 30) and on her way into the house. I make an attempt to hide. People are in and out of the house and I want them to leave. Bobby can’t hear me and Robert isn’t able to get his attention. I then realize the only people that I can connect with have already passed away.

My mom had kicked me out the

My mom had kicked me out the house with my 1 year old son. This nice man I feel I love with took me in. All of a sudden we were locked up in a classroom and everyone was trying to kill me. Everyone had knives. I kept kissing me lover I never been so grateful to have him. I kept trying to escape the game where I had to kill other people or they would kill me . But when I did they called me the enimmie and they came after me. My lover was working on music for me at a desk. Everyone seemed to hate me but him. I felt trapped I didn't know where to hide. They kept finding me wanting to kill me

I was with my bothers and brought

I was with my bothers and brought a brown shed for us to fry chicken in to sell then there was a group of people who recruited some people to sing and dance at a concert and meanwhile i opened my leg because blood was coming down as i laid on my back then there was a good-looking man sitting on the stairs and i said it was a pity that he had to go blind to become humble and i said that i was married to him and the women were upset because of this and i fled the scene, then the people who were dancing began to bite the people in the crowd and everyone rushed into the house and i was the first one to hide but when they came looking for me i hid under the bed and i was saved.