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a close friend was taking me to

a close friend was taking me to the doctor but instead we went on a joy ride in his car. Then we hit someone's bumper. They chased us around a council estate. We came to a wall so we lifted the car over the wall but the people in the car caught up with us. My friend started fighting the driver while me and the passenger spoke. Turns out they were a gay couple. The fight stopped and the guy he was fighting spoke to me and told me next time to help fight. Turned round my friend was getting beat up by the other guy for calling him gay. Then the police came split it up. Then my dog came past dying so I made him nice food while crying. My dog died so I put the food on top of him

I do not remember any start of

I do not remember any start of the dream in particular. Only that I was laying across vertically on this larger than life Silver Bullet that felt like I was laying across a large penis at the same time. I do not remember how I was dressed other than either I was in my panties or shorts and some kind of light shirt. My legs were bare as my legs caressed this long large silver bullet. My arms and my hands and my fingers were also feeling this large silver bullet. Feeling each sense of feeling in vivid detail. Sensing the sight of the luminous shine that this large silver bullet had. Feeling the coolness and smoothness yet solid hardness that seemed to stimulate me with each movement. I could even sense the fragrant coolness that accompanied the stimulation. I could move across each end of this long hard silver bullet penis with ease and sensitivity to the utmost joy. The tip of this silver bullet was long sharp finely crafted to a fine tip that was smooth yet firmly hard feeling each movement in long long timeless strokes. Time did seem to be irrelevant. I seemed to wake up from this dream as I was actually feeling Wayne’s penis at the same time in waking time. I woke up needless to say very erotic and very sensitive. I see no connection at this time to my waking life. I am attracted to the shiny and comfort of pleasure and freedom I felt. Moving freely and with ease. I felt attracted to the comfort level at the deep senses of everything I was feeling with such intensity. I felt emense joy, freedom. No self doubts no hinderances. Just unconditional feeling of eroticism, joy and sensitivity in everything in and around me.

I'm pregnant currently and dreamed that I

I'm pregnant currently and dreamed that I was in an old-styled boxing ring. I'm in the left corner and very angry with whomever was in the right corner but they are invisible. Then, my baby appears in the center of the ring. Then, this black cloaked creature floats down and hovers over my baby. Then, it reaches out with long, boney fingers and long, pointed fingernails and touches my baby on the cheek. Then, it turns it's head toward me. It's skin was flesh-toned, wrinkly, bumby, and wet looking. It said "It's a girl." I felt no malice from it toward me or toward my baby but I felt like it was something that was supposed to be evil but for some reason wasn't for me and my baby. As soon as it said this, any fear I had for it and anger I had for the invisible person in the right corner faded away and all I felt was joy for my new baby girl. Then, I woke up feeling uneasy.

So in the dream, the professor started

So in the dream, the professor started getting worse with me, but I didn't act on it cause I didn't want him to fail me. But one day, it was me and 2 other friends hanging out in a dorm, and this professor is just chilling there in a big comfy chair with us casually. And he happened to say something to me that triggered me to finally go off on him. And he and I got in a huge fight, and I basically destroyed him with my words. Then after the fight I went straight to academic services to complain about how The professor has treated me wrong. But on the way to academic services, I saw the professor with his hair dyed black and hair combed perfectly fluffy in a corner eating food and coughing from what I assume was some sort of cancer. So I felt bad for him, and made eye contact, even though I didn't want to. And upon eye contact he did that "I'm gonna kill you" thing with his finger across his throat. Then i continued onto academic services and told the people everything and said I wanted to not be in his class anymore, but they said I couldn't switch out. So then I told the school I would drop out if I couldn't switch, and then shifted my argument that the professor should be fired even though he has tenure and started to cry. Then the dream fast forwarded like two months when I was living peacefully, but the professor who wound up being fired kept on trying to kill me, because I took away the one thing he enjoyed doing- having a false sense of authority over people as a professor. So he continued to hunt me until he eventually died of that initial cancer.